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  1. Strawberry shortcake and a gallon of whipped cream.
  2. Steak, tomato cucumber salad, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon.
  4. The reason my city smells like Cheerios.
  5. Margherita pizza.
  6. Veggie Bliss (portobella burger) & sweet potato fries.
  7. Ice cream break!
  8. Difference between this and Hong Kong toilets? 6 inches and a rim.
  9. The prisoner in the 6'x2.5' brig appears to be reciting Shakespeare.
  10. Trying to shoot a fly off the USS Little Rock with a deck gun isn't easy.
  11. Classic cars -- user interfaces of old.
  12. Experimented with too-small bread (Vollkornbrot) and too-big eggs for elevensies.
  13. Chevy Silverado license 90694 MB. After nearly wrecking a car from an illegal left.
  14. Fruit & cheese plate; mac & cheese with peas, pancetta.
  15. Shot of the dance floor. Old people clamoring for free food out of frame.
  16. Chicken wing martini (recipe by @stevenraines). Three drinks made, three drinks poured down the drain.
  17. Mandarin chicken salad.
  18. Chicken bacon chowder, house wings in the background.
  19. Hummus, red pepper goat cheese, baba ganoush (sp?) with assorted breads.
  20. Today is Flag Day.
  21. A single serve cupcake for the morbidly obese. Two ladies could not finish.
  22. Bacon, cheddar, fried egg burger (not on menu); garlic, parmesan tots.
  23. Wow, Apple is now building its OS on Flash? Wait... no...
  24. F yeah, speling and keming for a better Amercia!
  25. The street preachers are missing their megaphone this year.
  26. Come get your @You_and_Who shirts now, the stand is mobbed.
  27. This year instead of strollers and dogs I am fighting golf umbrellas.
  28. Will she see them here or IRL first?
  30. New place in mall, sells cookies, cupcakes, smoothies, etc.
  31. The lobby bar has its furniture and looks pretty good.
  32. The advantage to a stealth opening - dining room to myself.
  33. Magret Duck a l'Orange: pine gnocchi, broccoli rabe, orange jus.
  34. Lyonnaise Salad Terrine: poached egg, smoked bacon, frisee lettuce.
  35. Butter pudding with French breakfast radish topped with crumbled porcini mushroom streudel.
  36. For Dan, another set of my cufflinks. Chrome aeroplanes.
  37. There's a little black spot on the sun today. It's the same old thing as earlier today.
  38. Ghetto Venus-watching set-up with @VinNay @ivyhurst.
  39. I should keep whipped cream and cocoa in my office to make cafe mocha. This one is good, though.
  40. Campanelle, prosciutto and peas. Plus a healthy dose of heavy cream and parmesan.
  41. Italian cappuccino and Swedish cookies. Look at the monster you created, mom and dad!
  42. Tomato, spinach, pesto eggs; baked beans; strawberries; billion grain bread.
  43. Desenho kicks where Daniel was. From Capoeira Mandinga Buffalo.
  44. B-girl Resolve spins fast enough to make me dizzy.
  45. All the fruits and veggies are getting pre-washed in the rain.
  46. "Wargames" and mini pizzas (pesto, roasted tomatoes & garlic, prosciutto, mozzarella).
  47. My D20 cufflinks must be beacons on GAMER-DAR based on comments I've received today.
  48. The Greatest Amercian Hero (idea from @stevenraines)
  49. Idea via @stevenraines "I'm afraid of Amercia. I'm afraid of the wordl."
  50. Carnitas: braised grilled pork, tomatillo, onion relish, cilantro.
  51. Koreatown: kalbi short ribs, kimchee, spicy sauce.
  52. Chili relleno con puerco: roasted red pepper stuffed with carnitas, yellow rice, chipotle, ancho chili, queso fresco.
  53. I have discovered I don't like smoky margaritas. My distaste for salt makes it worse.
  54. Kitty Porn, for a Better Amercia!
  55. Desserts.
  56. Wood inlay fighter (P-51?) mural in the lobby.
  57. Flower shop (none of these were here this morning, it was totally empty).
  58. Back room of the former Lafayette Tap Room. They kept the ceiling and wall murals.
  59. Internal courtyard.
  60. Greenhouse room. Lots of natural light from the walls and skylights.
  61. Sweet suite (decorative fireplace, chairs, sofa, raised bed and bath).
  62. Two levels of dining and bar. Small stage in corner.
  63. Butterwood is set up in the Crystal Ballroom.
  64. Ladies and gentlemen, The Peonies!
  65. Strawberry balsamic sorbet. Needs far less sugar, far more balsamic.
  66. Ice cream bars and curbstones, necessary every time I come to town.
  67. The flowers are nice, but I'll be buying stuff I can eat.
  68. Corpse Reviver II (or 2 Burritto Reviver)
  69. This isn't really helping the argument that adaptive design *hasn't* failed:
  70. I can quit the cappuccino and sfogliatella any time.
  71. Trying a sfogliatella from the new place (Coco), and my own cappuccino.
  72. Burgers, fries, beers. Sunday.
  73. Strip steak, grilled peppers and zucchini, squash carrot pasta tossed in pesto, Hoegaarden.
  74. I have now conquered the cappuccino at the office (thanks to all new equipment). Almost perfect.
  75. My porcelain thinker is featured on Inspiring Toilets http://bit.ly/Kgzysi !!
  76. Strawberries tossed with balsamic vinegar over ice cream; cappuccino.
  77. I should have stopped at one bananas foster.
  78. Pork chop with bbq sauce on sweet potato, bacon, greens.
  79. ALL THE CUPCAKES. And apple pies, and chocolate-covered strawberries.
  80. It's not often you see a berimbau in a wedding.
  81. Enjoying a garnacha while looking out over the lake.
  82. My mom hates these cookies so much she gave them to me.
  83. Affogato (too much espresso) & cappuccino. Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  84. I don't what a "sacristy" is, and I'm nearest AED. Bad news in case of heart attack.
  85. Mary's final shift; she also honors #StarWarsDay with a self-portrait.
  86. Lobby. The wood inlay wall behind the desk is a scene of #Buffalo.
  87. Hall leading to Crystal Ballroom (of interest to #Buffalo folk).
  88. Corner of Crystal Ballroom (teaser shot) shortly after governor and real photographers left.
  89. Media Queries work for height, too, something which can help prevent fat footer problems like stuffandnonsense.co.uk for netbook users. I know because my own site suffered from it at one point.
  90. Cappuccino and flight of creme brulee (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry).
  91. Steak in a nest: 10oz filet wrapped in Parma prosciutto, topped with gorgonzola.
  92. Poached bosc pear salad.
  93. French toast casserole, bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, sausage/egg/cheese casserole, spinach quiche, yogurt/berry parfait, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes.
  94. 16oz. strip steak, mashed spuds, asparagus; mac-n-cheese in the background.
  95. Caprese salad.
  96. Sausage lentil soup, ham & swiss wrap, salad, cookie. I should eat here more often.
  97. Bacon, cheddar, apple pizza thing.
  98. Belgian waffles, broccoli tomato eggs, pineapple, cappuccino.
  99. Vou vadiar na roda boa sim, sim. Roda in the dark. Challenging.
  100. Cappucino using French press for milk (Cooks Illustrated via @stevenraines). Neat idea, but sticking with steamer.
  101. Saying goodbye to another friend tonight. At least she'll come back to visit.
  102. Not feeling well enough to go out, so gaming remotely until I fall asleep. Send dice.
  103. I came for #4sqday #4sqdayBUF, and four square broke out.
  104. Leaving my tip for #4sqday #4sqdayBUF
  105. That moment you realize it's no longer your kitchen. Also that someone has a peanut butter problem.
  106. No one shouted "fireball!" so I guess this isn't LARPing. Just Nerf skirmishing.
  107. The cosplay seems to have improved this year.
  108. Old poster review: 1992 Jolt Cola (1/4), received from Jolt for having first ever Jolt Cola web page.
  109. Old poster review: 1991(?) Silicon Graphics poster, featuring Onyx workstation and Acura NSX.
  110. Old poster review: 1990 "Maxell - The tape that delivers higher performance"
  111. Old poster review: 1983 "Return of the Jedi"
  112. My dinner companion, a perfect match for my blindfold. (Olmsted Center for Sight: "Dining in the Dark")
  113. My dinner photo attempt, while blindfolded. (Olmsted Center for Sight: "Dining in the Dark")
  114. Mexican sundae (not on menu); two scoops of coffee (cone).
  115. Evil jungle princess with chicken.
  116. Satay kai.
  117. Gaeng jerd.
  118. I honor the undead victim of filicide with the gift of this chocolate zombie bunny.
  119. Huge thanks to @notabene for sending me a pic of my interview in the French magazine Technikart. Ego win!
  120. Trecce dell'orto pesto: tri-color pasta in pesto cream sauce.
  121. #LocalRestaurantWeek Cheesecake.
  122. #LocalRestaurantWeek Osso bucco.
  123. #LocalRestaurantWeek Beef fajita soup.
  124. "The Glass Menagerie" at Edible Book Fest.
  125. "The Count of Monte Cristo" at Edible Book Fest.
  126. "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" at Edible Book Fest.
  127. #LocalRestaurantWeek Cheesecake.
  128. #LocalRestaurantWeek Bacon-wrapped stilton-stuffed meatloaf, graten potatoes, shredded veggies.
  129. #LocalRestaurantWeek Potato ham soup.
  130. Fruit pie and ice cream. Not part of restaurant week.
  131. #LocalRestaurantWeek 16oz T-bone, mashed sweet potatoes, veggies.
  132. #LocalRestaurantWeek Smoked meat and cheese sampler.
  133. Moscow Mule: ginger beer, vodka, and then I forget...
  134. The Last Word (off menu): green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, dry gin, lemon.
  135. Meat and cheese plate. This is not at all part of restaurant week.
  136. Singapore Sling: gin, cheery heering, benadictine, lime juice, angostura.
  137. Melissa stole my cappuccino and is prepared to defend it to the death -- my death.
  138. Affogato and cappuccino (Illy beans). Not part of restaurant week.
  139. #LocalRestaurantWeek Pork chop Milanese: roasted potatoes, tomatoes, arugula, red onion, lemon vinaigrette, Parmigiano Reggiano.
  140. #LocalRestaurantWeek Ribollito: hearty Tuscan soup with Parmigiano Reggiano & EVOO.
  141. Stacy and Melissa pose in front of the fellarious (filarious?) banana split. There no other photos. Nope. None.
  142. Tempura banana split. Yes, it looks like what you think it looks like.
  143. Seabar sundae: coconut biscuit, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce.
  144. #LocalRestaurantWeek Sushi surfboard: sesame noodles; eel, himachi, fluke nigiri; salmon avocado roll; spicy scallop hand roll.
  145. #LocalRestaurantWeek Cannoli.
  146. Rachel is enjoying her linguini and clams. And wine.
  147. #LocalRestaurantWeek Ravioli with a meatball.
  148. #LocalRestaurantWeek House salad.
  149. Arancini (not part of the Local Restaurant Week offering).
  150. Brand new truck and the line is already 8,000 long.
  151. #LocalRestaurantWeek Pollo alla potentina: pan roasted chicken, olive oil, olives, tomatoes, basil, cherry peppers, white wine, parmesan, all on roasted potatoes.
  152. #LocalRestaurantWeek Rustic pasta fagioli soup.
  153. Using prop computer to convince shoppers I work here.
  154. .Mwangangi is back from the Left Coast, where he represents #Buffalo (like this).
  155. Chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate vanilla cookies, chocolate mint wafers.
  156. Malvarosa, cheddar cheeses; prosciutto; pancetta; lime olive oil; Sanbitter; semolina sesame seed bread.
  157. Lonely book and cigar on rainy patio (not quite as classy as it sounds).
  158. I'm getting this lime olive oil. No idea what I'll do with it. Suggestions?
  159. Far more than just cheese -- nice meat options, too.
  160. It's packed with only 2.5 hours to go.
  161. Finally getting my @whereslloyd fix that I missed on Friday.
  162. Burger with spinach and melted cheese, plus garlic toast points(?).
  163. This black and tan is really just a tan.
  164. Whiskey honey salmon, spinach artichoke dip, two kinds of shepherd's pie, kabobs, Irish cream cheesecake.
  165. Food Thursday (nee Friday) is underway.
  166. Chocolate zombie Last Supper -- in time for Easter!
  167. I'm an adult. I can have ice cream for dinner.
  168. My daffodils, which never bloomed last year, opened on this first day of spring this year.
  169. Hey @FastCoDesign, your browser sniffer kinda sucks. Don't know how Opera can't be supported, works fine on site.
  170. Spending post St Pat's day evening with a half and half of Guinness stout and Harp lager.
  171. The fog that diverted my flight to Syracuse and was not fun for driving.
  172. Diverted here due to fog, but at least they had welcome crew.
  173. Cheddar bacon burger.
  174. #LMA12 attendees: don't forget to scan the 4 QR code game pieces for a prize.
  175. My breakfast with Marion Barry.
  176. Creme brulee, cappuccino (no it wasn't).
  177. Sendero chile rub NY strip; caprese salad; pat of butter.
  178. Anorexic steer.
  179. Really digging this lo-fi Twitter wall at #LMA12.
  180. Rocking an #LMA12 Twitter wall over here!
  181. Full house for the #LMA12 plenary session.
  182. 1 of 4 @ASBuffalo contest QR codes for #LMA12.
  183. Free #LMA12 Texas magnets!
  184. It's midnight and that giant LED screen across from my room is burning through the curtains. Like the sun.
  185. Digesting on a leather chair with a cowhide foot stool staring at cowboy paintings.
  186. Lemon tart (in honor of pi day!), vanilla gelato, cappuccino.
  187. Rigatoni, braised short ribs, carrots, crimini mushrooms, Barolo wine tomato sauce.
  188. Come say "hi" to me at booth 401. I'm here all week!
  189. The @ASBuffalo QR codes are all over #LMA12.
  190. This G guage train set has lots of things hidden within, still looking for giant squirrel.
  191. View from cafe before I wander back to the LMA show floor.
  192. Breakfast miga (haven't had one in years), home fries, beans.
  193. Meat merry-go-round at the meat carnival.
  194. And so began the meat carnival.
  195. 3 foot tall, 17 lb. chocolate rabbits stare at me with dead eyes, ready to be eaten.
  196. Pesto omelette, home fries, spare ham.
  197. Pretending I'm at a rock concert, thanks to nifty new camera app.
  198. Looking out from Mary Seton Room, doors open.
  199. Beef brisket sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, mac-n-cheese.
  200. Fascinating to see operation. Famous hatmaker here in #Buffalo.
  201. Wall menu.
  202. Vegetarian combo: lentils, potatoes, carrots, beans, corn, beets.
  203. Lega Tibs (takeaway): savory lamb sauteed with onion, garlic, jalapeño, seasoned butter.
  204. Opening night.
  205. They stock frozen durian "treats." Yay for the coming summer!
  206. They stock frozen durian "treats." Yay for the coming summer!
  207. My fortified $1.50 pasta is healthier than $4 hippie cereal? Pasta for breakfast!
  208. Awoke next morning to find Minecraft neighbor erecting wall telling me what he thought of my all-night beacon.
  209. Downloaded Minecraft. Built zombie-proof beacon of light on the mount, a symbol of hope cutting through darkness.
  210. Deepshadow elf & Skullsplitter face off in crew quarters while airlocks hemorrhage atmosphere. Odd night for them.
  211. Pork, rice, beans, curious cola, fries.
  212. Steel cut oats with bananas and maple syrup, milk & honey bread with lotsa spreads.
  213. Beef with peppers, onions, asparagus, in basil ginger sauce.
  214. Beef negimaki.
  215. The Bialetti Mukka Express makes nice lattes, but not very good cappuccinos.
  216. The @WheresLloyd Rocket Sauce is at Premier, too.
  217. Tortellini in rose sauce with prosciutto, peas, carmelized onions, parmesan.
  218. Coffee Crisp, bitches (turns out I'm not the only one who sees that).
  219. Latest @Opera mobile lets me use camera at neave.com/webcam/html5/. Neat.
  220. Just applied my first Blik wall graphic. When I sell the house, this stays for the showing.
  221. Trying Stumptown coffee (Holler Mountain organic) after all the raving in the local paper.
  222. Bacon; pumpkin, whole oat, buckwheat, chocolate chip pancakes; sweet potato home fries; spinach, tomato, mozzarella eggs.
  223. Strawberry mochi.
  224. Salt & pepper chicken.
  225. Nothing better before bed than rich, thick sipping chocolate. Assuming I don't want to sleep.
  226. I had no idea it was Lent. Yay for religious education through food signage!
  227. I see @SteveKiernan has had the brilliant idea to make a beer cheese soup float.
  228. This month's Food Friday theme is red. Enjoying pre-meal Sanbitter to match.
  229. Yes, I'm eating a bedtime cupcake on the cover of the latest Nutrition Action Newsletter. Sue me.
  230. Cheddar, fried egg, chunky peanut butter, bacon jam, burger. #BUFfoodies
  231. The food is being served at #BUFfoodies.
  232. Prepared for the crowd for the #BUFfoodies event.
  233. Free pączki thanks to @Buffalogal for our @SMCBuffalo meeting. Singular is pączek (for us non-Polish).
  234. Cappuccino. I like mine better. I've become *that* snob. woo.
  235. Burger and sweet potato fries FTW.
  236. Free jambalaya from @ThePolo! And beer bread! And Skyrim parodies!
  237. Apple, onion, cheddar, rosemary, eggs; rosemary homefries; cappuccino; fruit bits.
  238. A horse. On the dance floor. Dancing to The Smiths. My nightly dream. Incarnate.
  239. Apple, onion, rosemary, cider, chicken with brown rice. Monochrome meal.
  240. That's either a 4oz. mug or a 16oz. cookie.
  241. Breakfast sandwiches, latte, OJ. #BUFfoodies
  242. Maiden brew of my Bialetti Mukka Express (one-pot stovetop cappucino maker). 3 brews to season it. Ugh.
  243. Chocolate heads with leaking cherry brains. Sexy Valentine's treats.
  244. Grilled skirt steak, chimichurri, rice, two kinds of beans, tortilla.
  245. Cheese & veggie quesadillas.
  246. Caipirinha: cachaça, muddled lime, raw sugar. Capoeiristas will find this bland.
  247. I am flattered to have received this lovely (what I assume is a) valentine note at work.
  248. Broccoli, tomato eggs; buckwheat oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes; almond cherry biscotti with coffee.
  249. Enjoying a drink while I warm up. Note the cool monkey lamp.
  250. I see Statler has changed its parking model.
  251. How often do you see a camel in front of city hall? In winter?
  252. 4 food trucks (counting a coffee truck), no waiting.
  253. Penne, smoked gouda, goat cheese, cheddar, panko rosemary crust.
  254. House smoked duck ham, bresaola, calabrese soppressato, pickled mustard seed, pickled cherries.
  255. Loco moco: burger patties over white rice, with country gravy, poached eggs, mac salad.
  256. Crunchy salad of frisee lettuce, grilled pineapple, shaved fennel, chopped peanuts, sweet spicy dressing.
  257. I just received this lovely heart donut from @VinNay.
  258. #SuperBowl party for one: pork dumplings, jarlsberg, manchego, salami, peanuts, Stappi.
  259. Nailed it. After 6 months of experimenting I finally made a cappuccino as good as I had in Italy.
  260. Buckwheat & steel cut oat pancakes; broccoli, shallot, manchego eggs; home fries.
  261. Further evidence that I need at least two more burners.
  262. Strip steak ghetto'd up with a can of pears & some Martin's kettle chips.
  263. 16 layer chocolate cinnamon cake.
  264. Egg pie: artichoke, green bean, tomato, mozzarella. Bean salad, also with artichoke bits.
  265. Sicilian burger: 8oz. flattened meatball, mozzarella, arugula; sweet potato fries.
  266. Chicken stew lunch special.
  267. Plenty of fog this morning, still no snow.
  268. Enjoying my buckwheat pankegg breakfast taco, maple syrup running down my arms.
  269. Home fries, ham, cheddar, maple syrup, buckwheat pankegg (with still-runny egg) taco prep.
  270. Prepping buckwheat pankeggs (http://bit.ly/zn36aA) and other bits for pankegg breakfast tacos. More pics to come.
  271. Film was dead? If this is how it comes back, maybe it should stay dead.
  272. Monkey-picked (not really) oolong tea. Flavor of gently steeped carpet.
  273. Jambalaya, mac-n-cheese, some tofu thinger (blackened tofu).
  274. Good Luck Burger: grass-fed beef on brioche, McCadam cheddar, veggie slaw, fries.
  275. Charcuterie plate: gouda, manchego, soppresseta, turkey, marmalade, pickles.
  276. The espresso cocoa is tasty, and served with only the slightest hint of grump!
  277. Entrance to the lobby bar (which I call the monkey bar).
  278. Yes, that's a monkey lamp, and no, its bum is not a bottle opener.
  279. Just yesterday html5please.us added this disclaimer (about it not being all HTML5) and now it's gone?
  280. Beast & Brie: roast beef, triple cream brie, apples, horseradish; applesauce; Warsteiner dunkel.
  281. After two disappointing meals out today, a homemade affogato makes up for it.
  282. Tour of Italy: gnocchi, ravioli, chicken parm, manicotti.
  283. Chicken pastina soup.
  284. Own no koksware: Burmese egg noodle soup, coconut milk, chicken, tamarind, hard-boiled egg, onion, fish sauce, crispy flat noodle. Background: kya zan jyaw.
  285. It's a food market *and* a restaurant.
  286. An espresso to wrap up today's bacon festivities.
  287. It's amazing what I find in the closet sometimes.
  288. Forgot to mention the salad -- with bacon.
  289. Bacon mac-n-cheese, bacon sweet potatoes, black bean bacon soup, bacon brownies, bacon flatbreads, samosas.
  290. Enjoying an aperitivo before the bacon feast.
  291. The bacon-wrapped pork shoulder is almost ready.
  292. The shrimp has been dipped and wrapped. In bacon.
  293. Bacon day off to great start: someone walking around offering chocolate-covered bacon appetizers.
  294. Yay! #Buffalo is finally getting some snow! (though not much)
  295. Broke in the new espresso maker. I am officially "that guy" in the office that I hate.
  296. Tonkotsu: pork broth, ramen, pork, bamboo shoots, kamaboku.
  297. Pork gyoza.
  298. Seaweed salad with cucumber & onion.
  299. Broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper, black bean, pumpkin slurry; pumpkin ale...slurry.
  300. Gold Standard burger (with bacon) and sweet potato fries.
  301. Cappuccino, cantuccini, chocolate vanilla crisps (thanks to Premier sale for that last one).
  302. Finally getting the hang of the stovetop steamer.
  303. Pork tenderloin, pear chutney, grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes. Mac-n-cheese add-on.
  304. Ditalini, peas, prosciutto (lotsa broth). Fuller's London porter.
  305. Cantuccini (almond biscotti) and Il Santo (Italian dessert wine).
  306. Fourth Christmas dinner.
  307. Irish.
  308. Wedding buffet in the banquet hall.
  309. BBQ pulled pork sandwich, chili, corn bread, peanut butter chocolate bar.
  310. Found a food truck in the "storm" -- @RnRBBQTruck came through.
  311. Wondering if the local news came to cover our first real snowfall -- all 2" of it.
  312. Lunch with @ThePolo @VinNay: spicy tuna roll, noodles, miso soup (not in pic).
  313. Sometimes I judge a cocoa by its whipped cream.
  314. Yakisoba: stir-fried ramen, cabbage, bean sprouts, roast pork, nori, sesame seeds.
  315. Tandoori dinner: Chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, boti kebab, chicken curry, naan.
  316. Beef samosas.
  317. Third Christmas dinner.
  318. Bento box (sans box): tonkatsu, gyoza, salad, veggies, California roll, miso (earlier).
  319. Missed #BuffCashMob, but not this chocolate covered banana.
  320. Bacon ramen, smoked chicken bacon broth, thin-sliced bacon, bean sprouts, egg, garlic chips, pork rind.
  321. Charred pineapple, sliced cucumber, shaved fennel, sweet vinegar.
  322. The most complex-to-open bottle of bubblegum soda I've ever had.
  323. Got this after submitting CC info for new domain. @NetSolCares silent, 30mins on phone wasted, await email response.
  324. Service (and cocoa) with two thumbs and a smile.
  325. BBQ pork ribs, macaroni & cheese, cole slaw, porter.
  326. New Year's Day breakfast: mimosa, latte, ham, home fries, spinach asiago eggs, Belgian waffles.
  327. Orange chocolate cupcake, eggnog cupcake, Cupcake prosecco (I was going for a theme).
  328. Happy (somewhat delayed) new year (for everyone at GMT-5)!
  329. Broccoli, tomatoes, pesto with penne. Wrapping up 2011 with as few dishes as possible.
  330. Game night to benefit Child's Play (@CPCharity). I win at Kinect with my mind.
  331. I already regret this.
  332. Penne, broccoli, cauliflower, red and green peppers, in a romano butter sauce.
  333. Lobster ravioli in sun-dried tomato pesto cream sauce.
  334. Apparently they don't offer stress tests this late.
  335. The #TacoVinoII line has already formed at the food truck.
  336. #TacoVinoII gift certificate contest -- $1 per chance.
  337. I cocked my hat sideways to look gangsta. In so doing, I also made it a very white Christmas.
  338. Christmas breakfast: steel cut oats, fruit, maple syrup; spinach, asiago eggs; eggnog.
  339. New tree, peaches, money, and Krampus. Best. Christmas. Morning. Ever.
  340. Last day of my Generic Winter Holiday countdown calendar -- a mini maraca, or rattle (?).
  341. The @ThinkGeek TannenBomb I gave my brother last year is on his tree and still working. Annoying only me.
  342. Dark chocolate cake, peppermint bark Häagen Dasz ice cream.
  343. Beef tenderloin, lemon tarragon asparagus, mashed spuds with shallot butter, spiced applesauce, roasted carrots & onions.
  344. Apple parsnip curry soup.
  345. Christmas Eve pre-dinner snacks, including massive cheese spread tree from my dad.
  346. Why yes, I'd enjoy some steel-cut oats with maple syrup and bananas.
  347. Day 5 of my Generic Winter Holiday countdown calendar -- a tomato/orange with guitar.
  348. FAF 5109 Volkswagen in front of hydrant, Elmwood & Bidwell. Apparently using hazard lights means you can break the law.
  349. Day 4 of my Generic Winter Holiday countdown calendar -- a bead-game ring.
  350. Day 3 of my Generic Winter Holiday countdown calendar -- a colorful airplane.
  351. Note the beautiful meat and egg striations of a tasty veal bracciole.
  352. Italian wedding soup, montepulciano, and quite a crowd.
  353. Day 2 of my Generic Winter Holiday countdown calendar -- a mini game.
  354. These pepparkakor skeleton men had such potential. At least they all taste the same in the dark.
  355. Justin assured me he can make a cappuccino as good as I had in Italy. He has promise.
  356. I've been here so long I can take and post a photo of it.
  357. Day 1 of my Generic Winter Holiday countdown calendar -- a whistle.
  358. Sauteed broccoli and garlic tossed with penne and pesto.
  359. Chocolate-covered Santa canes.
  360. "Major Ursa" ca. 2000. Stuffed bear, plastic bottle, felt, ribbon, glue. Adrian Roselli.
  361. "South Park Adrian" 1998. Felt, cardboard, ink. Adrian Roselli.
  362. "A S" 2001. Glass, metal, paint. Adrian Roselli.
  363. "Voltorb" Glass, metal, paint. 1999. Adrian Roselli.
  364. Notice the cookies.
  365. Christo panino, Rembrandt panino, peanut butter chocolate mousse bomba.
  366. I'm guessing they do lotto here.
  367. The Last Minute Holiday Market is hopping.
  368. Free roasted chestnuts and Ghirardelli cocoa!
  369. This may be the last week. There is snow on the greens.
  370. 3 cheese fondue in bread bowl. In styrofoam. Because they forgot it. Then brought it as takeaway.
  371. Pork T-bone, apple bacon glaze, grilled veggies, spuds.
  372. There's always a frowny one in the bunch. I mean the gingerbread men, not Mary.
  373. Lack of plates leads to creative "burritos:" pastitsio, tzatziki in rolled pitas.
  374. I decided I deserve a steak. So there.
  375. There are some very nice #Buffalo photos for sale here...
  376. Somebody incorrectly informed me this place has no cookie cutters. Proof to the contrary.
  377. Full house for today's code/project review.
  378. If you offer "mobile" services and your own templates call you a failure when viewed on mobile, that's bad.
  379. Giant French toast with Grand Marnier whipped cream, pecans, berries. Bacon & sausage.
  380. Pink Christmas trees are awesome.
  381. Split pea and ham soup at the Queen City Market.
  382. Serenaded by @TheBGMC at Queen City Market.
  383. These Japanese QR codes bring me to an Apache test page. Didn't these guys invent QR?
  384. ETW 7938, Honda Pilot, Elmwood & Bidwell, full of kids (teach 'em young).
  385. I was promised 7-9" of snow. This doesn't cut it.
  386. Saw these out of the corner of my eye and thought, "They keep these in the freezer case now?"
  387. Finally trying the [insert forgotten name] brownie. Tasty.
  388. Free steak at my Digital Media Advisory Committee meeting.
  389. Turducken panino with cranberry, burnt orange chutney. Franziskaner to wash it down.
  390. Somebody seems a little too comfortable with the HK SL86.
  391. Ran down line thru 8 rifles. Tight groups from M4, AR15, PTR 91F.
  392. Giant macaroon, mulled cider, chocolate chip cookie (back-up).
  393. Wall-o-cupcakes.
  394. Apparently some of the team decided today was a good day to make Indian food.
  395. Gift of Stappi bitter from Larry at the restaurant.
  396. I feel that two plates of this meal should have put me to sleep by now. Nope.
  397. Gaping maw.
  398. Thanksgiving sunset over the lake.
  399. I've hooked the rest of the family on Sanbitter (aperitivo). 10 pack gone.
  400. Meat pasta to keep the stomach stretched for tomorrow.
  401. Braised dark turkey meat, cranberry relish, arugula slaw with orange vin, cumin mayo.
  402. Might have a tree this year -- menorah ornament or Bieber ornament?
  403. Roman salad, split pea and ham soup, cappuccino.
  404. Quesadillas filled with strip steak. Now for my fourth time washing dishes today.
  405. Pumpkin (pie) freedom toast, broccoli cheddar eggs, cinnamon home fries.
  406. Porridge. Yes indeed.
  407. The chaotic aftermath of our Turkey Day feast.
  408. And then the desserts came out.
  409. Ahh, office turkey day lunch, how you make me miss nap time.
  410. The food set-up in the kitchen, prior to everyone rolling in.
  411. This will be my lunch today. Jealous yet?
  412. The turkeys have given the office a pleasant aroma.
  413. Chicken ala Amici: cutlets sauteed with tomatoes, capers, onions, garlic, herbs, wine.
  415. #BN360 Mayor sighting!
  416. #BN360 Red wine demi-glace braised pork with sweet kraut.
  417. #BN360 Sweet potato bisque, poblano, lime. Demi meatballs, agrodulce sauce.
  418. #BN360 Pumpkin ravioli, maple cream sauce.
  419. Cinnamon bread, vanilla freedom toast; broccoli, tomato, garlic eggs; cinnamon home fries; cider; espresso.
  420. Butternut squash risotto, sauteed rapini and spinach.
  421. Aperitivo: Pesto tomato bread bits, espresso bellavitano, sanbitter, peanuts.
  422. Brussels sprouts piñata.
  423. Chicken francese. Far more food than I needed.
  424. Somebody may have donated a shrimp cocktail and a montalcino to my cause.
  425. Butternut squash, cranberry, duck confit, arugula pizza.
  426. Pumpkin dip with apples and bread.
  427. These guys are making a better dinner -- in the office -- than I'll have when I go home.
  428. Privacy folder, "to maintain secrecy of ballot," even though ballot is wider than folder.
  429. Meatloaf with tomato brown sugar glaze, garlic parmesan mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, garlic bread.
  430. Short stack of pancakes, broccoli tomato cheese 3 egg omelette, home fries, rye.
  431. This is one of those diners featured on Food Network.
  432. Double rainbow (FTW) coming out of the Horseshoe Falls.
  433. View of Niagara Falls from the U.S. / Canada border.
  434. FGJ 6165 Saturn. Parked in handicap spot, no handicap tag or plate.
  435. There's a guy doing baby freezes in the Mary Seaton Room at @BPOrchestra halftime. Sweet.
  436. View from my season ticket seats (maestro series). Balcony win!
  437. West Seneca East & West string orchestras in the Mary Seaton Room.
  438. 14oz. bacon-wrapped pork chop with spaetzle, carmelized brussels sprouts.
  439. Caprese di burrata.
  440. CPF-3570 Hyundai Elantra. Law school sticker, parking ticket on dash. No surprise he was so close I could hardly fit in my door.
  441. All sorts of free samples today. I hung out at the cheese stations.
  442. Puerto Rican rice and beans, topped with a pile of pork.
  443. Cupcakes! And jewelery (it's a grand opening).
  444. Yamakake: super-finely grated (pureed) mountain yam, diced tuna sashimi.
  445. Flight of sake: Garden of Divine, Moon on the Water, Divine Droplets.
  446. Chicken and matzo ball (not a baby skull, as it may look) soup.
  447. Halloween cupcakes!
  448. "The Hombre" (The Dude): chorizo, potatoes, onion, chimichurra, cilantro, avocado creme.
  449. Chicken florentine on a bed of angel hair.
  450. What he said. RT @iandevlin: The power of a @brucel retweet twitpic.com/79rlng
  451. Sometimes you just have to make your own sauce. Otherwise I'm eating Halloween candy.
  452. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Theo *sipping* chocolate (16oz is far too rich).
  453. Pumpkin buckwheat pancakes; broccoli, red pepper eggs; cinnamon home fries.
  454. Mac & broccoli, smoked cheddar, jarlsberg, gruyere, parmesan cheeses; acorn squash, pecan syrup, brown sugar.
  455. Hot chai cider, skull cookie, "Ghostbusters" in the background.
  456. The alpacas are here. This close ti Halloween means they're man-eating.
  457. Massive three-layers-of-meatloaf sandwich, potato salad from @WholeHogTruck.
  458. The @SMCBuffalo #tweetbiz panel with @Darienlake @perrysicecream @BuffaloDotCom @StatlerCity
  459. Goulash -- beany, meaty goodness.
  460. My Klout score dropped by 5 or jumped 38 from yesterday. Or dropped 0.14?
  461. So my Klout score is 56, but holding steady at 10?
  462. Pumpkin ice cream (made on site).
  463. Eggs & toast, zuppa toscana, latte, cappuccino. Eclectic.
  464. Where's my getaway horse?
  465. Boy did I pick the wrong train to rob.
  466. The last thing a cow might see?
  467. Switching the engine for the return trip.
  468. Peach-apricot pie, apple crumb pie, coffee, smiling. Not quite Twin Peaks.
  469. French onion soup; mozzarella, basil, heirloom tomato, red onion pizza.
  470. Strawberries stuffed with goat cheese, pancetta, drizzled with balsamic.
  471. Brie, crostini, honey, berries; campari on the rocks (in the Craftsman Lounge).
  472. Pumpkin pie latte, raspberry cobbler, tiramisu French toast.
  473. Roycroft weekend events, ideal for #PresConf attendees.
  474. 14oz medium rare pork chop with sweet potato fries (forgot full description, but try it).
  475. Caprese salad.
  476. So @TheAmherstBear snuck in to #PresConf #BUFunscripted, according to the Twitter wall.
  477. The #PresConf #BUFunscripted tickets have run out -- I am NOT selling these.
  478. Good crowd for #PresConf #BUFunscripted. @SMCBuffalo tweet wall in background.
  479. Live jazz to class it up for #PresConf #BUFunscripted.
  480. The food is open! #PresConf #BUFunscripted
  481. Scraped together regular chili (pic), pumpkin chili, white chili, southwest chili.
  482. I came late to Chili FEAST, and all 5 were pretty much cleared out. Curses!
  483. 2 beef tacos and butternut squash soup with candies pumpkin seeds & Mexican crema.
  484. Buffalo's new plan -- build enough restaurants so there's no clear 100' for food trucks.
  485. When one PB & J sandwich won't do, nine will.
  486. Ham & cheese panino (just a grilled cheese), tuna macaroni salad.
  487. The new location is open (found while stalking food trucks).
  488. Sanbitter; roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, balsmic, bread; asiago; cocktail peanuts.
  489. I just found out #Buffalo has a horror film fest next week. Promo if you care:
  490. Why does Aquaman look so arrogant? Isn't he useless on land, without a starfish?
  491. Continuing quest to make Italian cappuccino, now with stovetop steamer. Except I've taken a step or two backward.
  492. It's cool enough for a proper breakfast: broccoli, sweet pepper eggs; sweet potato home fries; buttermilk pancakes, real maple syrup.
  493. More by @CircusBerry: bacon-wrapped asiago-stuffed figs, mini twice-baked spuds, pork skewers with apple chutney, etc.
  494. It's a real party when there is a homemade doughnut station (by @CircusBerry).
  495. Sanbitters, peanuts and asiago -- pretending I'm on vacation again.
  496. Really, a lobster led #TEDxBuffalo in song and dance and balloons and crayon hats. ??
  497. Views like this make me think I live in the Matrix -- clipping error? 3D artifact?
  498. Mac-n-cheese, chili, (free) peanut butter bar.
  499. #TEDxBuffalo live stream, kick off by fearless leader @kevinpurdy.
  500. Orange Crocs, cargo jeans, drop-holstered phone, black tee. Stay classy America!
  501. This morning's cappuccino experiment using stovetop espresso maker, saucepan and whisk for milk. Best one so far.
  502. Statler Tower as seen from behind new court building. #StatlerTour
  503. Looking back at building, showing windows for Terrace Ballroom. #StatlerTour
  504. Massive koi fishies in the new fountain. #StatlerTour
  505. "Meat 35° - 45°" #StatlerTour
  506. "Can't get in." (on many doors on 17th floor) #StatlerTour
  507. "Probably not useful." #StatlerTour
  508. Chinese Ballroom -- empty, blank slate. #StatlerTour
  509. 18th floor is gutted and ready for new build. #StatlerTour
  510. Looking down tower piers on 18th floor, tower shadow on new court building. #StatlerTour
  511. #Buffalo city hall as seen from 18th floor of Statler. #StatlerTour
  512. The Terrace Room, all set for a wedding later today. #StatlerTour
  513. Golden Ballroom, two weeks before an event. #StatlerTour
  514. Georgian Ball Room. #StatlerTour
  515. Grover Cleveland Library #StatlerTour
  516. This room in the basement will be a night club with a dress code. #StatlerTour
  517. Overlook Hotel? Temple of Doom? Nope -- #StatlerTour with @SMCBuffalo.
  518. Salmon & avocado roll, tuna roll (not really tuna, but similar, forgot name).
  519. Asparagus roll, avocado roll, inari (sweet tofu pocket).
  520. Wasabi shumai: pork dumplings wrapped in wasabi-infused wonton.
  521. Soba noodle with fried tofu salad.
  522. Potato pancakes and quiche loaf for CTE Advisory Council meeting.
  523. Custom dish: penne, cream pomodoro, mushrooms, sauteed onions, sundried tomatoes, romano cheese.
  524. With the season for MAP salad ending, opted for @WholeHogTruck's rice & beans & pork.
  525. The @WholeHogTruck food truck is serving at the Lafayette Hotel restoration site.
  526. It's "assemble your own pho night."
  527. Birthday cake (from Dessert Deli) and ice cream.
  528. Filet mignon (private party).
  529. Having your heroes on your birthday cake is much cooler if they are scientists.
  530. Dinner salad, simple and tasty.
  531. Half a grilled cheese and half a grilled veggie sandwich.
  532. It's hot chai cider season.
  533. Trying a homemade cappuccino using stove-top espresso maker and saucepan for milk.
  534. #LocalRestaurantWeek "Healthy garlic" with pork.
  535. #LocalRestaurantWeek Beef satay.
  536. Ace wanted to prove he could make a cappuccino as good as I had in Italy. Well done.
  537. #LocalRestaurantWeek Penne romana: cream pomodoro, chicken, prosciutto.
  538. #LocalRestaurantWeek Pasta a fagioli.
  539. Ego: Interviewed in latest issue of @netmag, along with @chrisdavidmills:
  540. Margherita pizza, gelato. Doesn't quite compare with Italy. (Delta 137 from Pisa)
  541. Airline food! Grilled chicken, mashed spuds, veggies, other bits. (Delta 137 from Pisa)
  542. "Be stupid."
  543. Wall-mount street-side candy dispenser.
  544. My last morning cappuccino in Pisa.
  545. Pastry assault!
  546. Bistecca alla Fiorentina.
  547. Gnocchi alla sorentina.
  548. Aperitivi in genere. (Caffe Revoire, Firenze)
  549. Free wine (by the bottle) from peasant girls! (Piazza della Signoria, Firenze)
  550. For @thepolo: leaping from 3rd floor is more dangerous escape than grenade blast. (Uffizi, Firenze)
  551. Every table gets its own prosciutto piñata. (Il Latini, Firenze)
  552. Ribollita, ravioli di ricotta e spinaci -- two primi on a too hot day. (Il Latini, Firenze)
  553. Prosciutto, faro e pomodoro, crostini di fegatini di pollo, sopressata. (Il Latini, Firenze)
  554. Only in the Galileo Museum can you find a compass disguised as a dagger. (Museo Galileo)
  555. Morning cappuccino e la sfogliatella all' albiccoca, gli stuzzichini in the background. (Gilli Cafe, Firenze)
  556. Biscottini e vinsanto (for dipping). (Il Latini, Firenze)
  557. (Combined) view from 308 (corner room).
  558. Peposo alla fornacina con polenta.
  559. Tortelloni di formaggio e pera al lardo (also cut to show innards).
  560. Cannoli di grana alle verdurene (cut to show innards)..
  561. The car survived the Pisa-Siena run, even if the wine didn't stand a chance.
  562. The stripes give the tower an emo or Tim Burton feel. (Duomo, Siena)
  563. Pici senesi alla "Mangia" (tomatoes, tarragon, pecorino). (Ristorante alla Mangia)
  564. I'm surrounded. (Museo Civico, Siena)
  565. They have horse races twice a year, which is not enough to keep losing horses on the menus. (Il Campo, Siena)
  566. Neat restaurant interior, felt like chapel from building's medieval prior life. (Ristorante Paoli)
  567. (What's left of my) tiramisu -- sometimes you need two desserts. (Ristorante Paoli)
  568. Zuppa alla fiorentina. (Ristorante Paoli)
  569. I had to downshift to get hot water. (Ristorante Paoli)
  570. Asparagi alla parmigiana. (Ristorante Paoli)
  571. Tortellini panna e prosciutto. (Ristorante Paoli)
  572. Glimpse of 600-yr-old, 4th largest cathedral, largest masonry dome, in world. (Duomo, Firenze)
  573. They'll let anyone in here. (Caffe Gilli)
  574. Insalate caprese. (La Grotta Guelfa)
  575. Risotto alla fiorentina. (La Grotta Guelfa)
  576. "Godzilla is my lord!"
  577. I wonder whose job it is to cut all the locks off the fence. (Ponte Vecchio)
  578. Fresh cappuccino and pastry for my first stop in Firenze. (Caffe Scudieri)
  579. Filetto di tonno alla griglia (grilled tuna steak).
  580. Spaghetti di terra dei satiri (salsa al basilico "pesto").
  581. Translated: "Cocktail party for straight people in the next car." (Eurostar between Rome and Pisa)
  582. The Eurostar (Rome Pisa) has a nice little caffe bar.
  583. Palle di ricotta e cioccolato.
  584. Tonnarelli cacio e pepe.
  585. Prosciutto e melone.
  586. Wine & complimentary prosecco.
  587. This column might be lying -- I don't see the typeface, just pictures.
  588. A model for the Colosseum, later converted (updated) to a Renaissance palace.
  589. This bridge dates back to 62 BC. When bridges were cool.
  590. The churches tend toward spectacular.
  591. I would also be happy to make this my car. If the food comes with.
  592. I beat the rush again this morning.
  593. Late night outdoor drinks next to my hotel, looking at the Pantheon.
  594. A car I can truly store in my Civic.
  595. Cream caramel.
  596. Coniglio alla cacciatora.
  597. Ravioli di ricotta, burro e salvia.
  598. Arancini di riso.
  599. Ego. In stone.
  600. I must have thrown Euro after Euro in, but I still haven't sprouted wings.
  601. View from atop the Spanish steps. It's quite the gauntlet of mall-common shops down there.
  602. There's always an arch or a statue lurking. Especially when hiding in a modernist building.
  603. If you reach in and pull the levers the Sistine Chapel turns into a robot.
  604. These are reproductions of *real* documents. Unlike other religious texts...
  605. These are a study in usability failure. Of the 16 people people I watched, all looked perplexed and did it wrong.
  606. Stand on of these and then look at the columns.
  607. One of these statues might be a real saint. Not sure which...
  608. Hadrian's mausoleum, then papel fortress, Pope Clement VII watched Rome burn in 1527 from here.
  609. Saint Agnes lost her head where this church sits. Her skull in inside. Um...
  610. Pit stop for cappucino. Among the best I've had, which warranted the return visit.
  611. Outdoor breakfast (the other plate was fruit, really).
  612. These fountain symbolizes the 4 great rivers of the world. I think. I wasn't listening.
  613. Maialino arrosto (pork).
  614. Bucatini all'amitriciana (it's got pancetta).
  615. If you're from #Buffalo, Baird Point has got nothing on this.
  616. Cat.
  617. Despite the lack of a floor, or steps, or seats, it's a nice arena.
  618. Pollo alla romana.
  619. Fusilli pomodoro e ricotta.
  620. Room 214. Rather nice. Don't call my room, I won't answer. If you're family you know why.
  621. Open dome lets the sun in. And rain. And the gods' wrath.
  622. Fountain outside Pantheon, stolen from the Greeks.
  623. Morning cappucino and pastry. Downed in about a minute.
  624. Pisa train station.
  625. There is a room in the Pisa train station bathed in purple light. I don't know why.
  626. Antipasti: melon, prosciutto, salami, olives, arancini, eggplant, bruschetta, tapanade, chokes, pate.
  627. Tacconi cinghiale (wide flat pasta with boar).
  628. Guttman dunkle hefeweizen -- keeping my Italian appetite in check with a bit of German.
  629. View from room 303.
  630. Birthplace of Galileo Galilei, February 15, 1564.
  631. Pineapple gelato.
  632. Widest part of stairs (base). Wear pattern is inside when on north side, outside on south.
  633. Looking south (direction of the lean) from the tower.
  634. Margherita pizza. Moved inside when the downpour blew the canopies back.
  635. Prosciutto and melon.
  636. Caprese.
  637. Stopped for food in sight of the tower. Somewhat touristy.
  638. Yep, my first stop was to see the leaning tower.
  639. This dog greeted me to Pisa, saddened I had no contraband to sink his teeth into.
  640. Breakfast on the flight: egg muffin, juice, banana. The steward gave me two of these after my double dinner.
  641. Dinner on the flight: Chicken with stuffing, spinach, carrots along with other bits.
  642. Saw folks watch this power oasis for 15mins. When I sat, plugged in, they swarmed it.
  643. Chillin' at the gate, hungry, debating eating my stash of hard boiled eggs.
  644. Mary Seaton room.
  645. Front row! (photo taken before performance, otherwise that would be bad form)
  646. Sampler night @BPOrchestra: steak in the grass (Chuck's), bolognese (Oliver's), macaroon (Quaker Bonnet).
  647. Profiterol in custard. Tasty dinner tonight.
  648. Veal oscar: 16oz seared veal chop, crab meat, asparagus, bernaise sauce, roasted potatoes.
  649. Pasta e fagioli, with a portion of chicken francese in the background.
  650. Bocconcini salad, with guest thieving by my dad.
  651. Crab cakes (big meal ahead).
  652. Late (school) night sweet potato fries and grilled peaches.
  653. Just did a post-midnight run to @RoamingBuffalo1. Hoping food truck fare will put me to sleep.
  654. Manchievement: Fresh peanut butter cookies with some dark chocolate chips.
  655. I'm a bee whisperer. That, or this bee thinks I taste like petunias.
  656. Potato skins stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheddar, Italian sausage, peppers. Side of ribs.
  657. This one has been at the park for 2 hours in a minivan, with car stereo & hand-held video games.
  658. Mac-n-cheese (smoked cheddar, bacon, carmelized onion), grilled cheese (smoked gouda, gruyere, smoked bleu cheese, tomato).
  659. Witte Kerke.
  660. If you look closely you can see the moon peaking through.
  661. All those years of over-eating finally caught up with me.
  662. Down a forgotten hallway, next to the bathrooms, is the gambler addict help room.
  663. The machine that churns through gamblers' souls and feeds them to Cthulu.
  664. How now, two brown cows?
  665. Steampunk device converts Niagara Falls tourists to chocolate goo.
  666. I'm eating tacos, reminding you to vote: foodtrucks.teamdigital.com/?t=514
  667. The illustration from InkwellStudios.com that now adorns our conference room.
  668. Chicken biryani (takeaway): basmati rice and chicken masala.
  669. Tomato, basil (from my garden) eggs; honey wheat bread, black/blueberry; Illy espresso.
  670. Illegally-taken washed-out photo of me on Vitameatavegmin set.
  671. Checking out some of the Swedish goods (like lingonberry jam).
  672. View from rte 60 if heading into Fredonia. Burmshave-style signs if coming from Fredonia.
  673. Great selection of herbs and plants.
  674. Some produce I haven't found in Buffalo such as Italian squash, white peaches, etc.
  675. Ayinger Bräu Weisse and Celebrator Doppelbock, Spaten Oktoberfest, Hey-Song Sarsaparilla chaser.
  676. 4 guitars, bongos, a ukelele, banjo, and clarinet. Doing a Johnny Cash set. Followed by Hendrix.
  677. Peanut butter epiphany ice cream, chili lime Zillycake, lime glaze, red curry chili whipped cream.
  678. Frozen hot chocolate ice cream, toasted marshmallows, chocolate sauce, graham crackers, whipped cream.
  679. The recursion on this grocery bag is hurting my brain.
  680. I thought of Lum (http://bit.ly/pCd5QF) when I saw this awesome misspelling:
  681. (dark photo warning) Steak po'boy, roasted peppers, provolone, asiago, garlic aioli, spinach; gumbo.
  682. Wasabi shumai: steamed pork dumplings in wasabi-infused wonton.
  683. For dessert, a 12 pack of ice cream sandwiches.
  684. Bacon Swiss cheese burger, Sam Adams Oktoberfest.
  685. This balsamic strawberry has more of a kick-in-the-back-of-the-throat than the last batch I tried.
  686. Which tie do you suspect I might buy?
  687. Chocolate-covered peanut butter gelato; chocolate-covered strawberry sorbet from Sweet Melody's.
  688. Pulled pork sandwich, mac-n-cheese from Fat Bob's.
  689. Potato burrito, black bean toastie from Vegetarian Oasis.
  690. This market is as good as any farmers market -- and closer.
  691. Holstein schnitzel, fried egg, red cabbage, sauerkraut, spaetzl.
  692. This Spaten Dunkel is for @brucel, but since he might not like it I'll drink it.
  693. Lots of empty cases -- $1.89 for 12 16oz bottles.
  694. Photo of the now defunct brewery.
  695. They should make an Imperial stout.
  696. My sampler. Read the list in the photo to see what's on tap.
  697. The brewmaster gives a tour of the operation.
  698. Plaque at the home of founder of Roos Brewery, later Iroquis Brewery.
  699. In case you forgot what Buffalo's oldest drinking hole looks like.
  700. Pepper-crusted burger with bleu cheese and roasted red peppers.
  701. Freedom onion soup and Ayinger Weiss Brau.
  702. Homemade blueberry peach sorbet to round out the afternoon.
  703. Bar-b-Cutie and the prize wheel at @RnRBBQTruck (I won Fritos).
  704. I like how @whereslloyd is pushing its *massive* line to vote.
  705. Grasshopper pie ice cream, malted milk ball gelato.
  706. Summer picnic cake.
  707. MAP salad from @WholeHogTruck: roasted tomatoes, green beans, black beans, eggs.
  708. The "abnormal situation" (on.cnn.com/nAOejW) might be that it's made of poop.
  709. Portuguese wine and port tasting.
  710. Making sure to hit @RoamingBuffalo1 before its vending license lapses.
  711. Board meetings are better with ice cream.
  712. Tuna Pacific roll, brown rice veggie roll, veggie summer roll. My first Wegmans sushi.
  713. This kamikaze assault on the butter didn't hurt the butter and only got the bee killed.
  714. This piñata had it coming. It was giving me the stink-eye.
  715. Second plate: quarter chicken, plus all the other stuff again. Cookout win.
  716. First plate: corn on the cob, salad, cheese burger, macaroni salad, fruit skewers, red potatoes.
  717. Chafing dishes at the park -- the ultra classy @ASBuffalo company picnic!
  718. Chocolate chocolate milkshake, chocolate malt milkshake.
  719. Date night.
  720. @chrisdavidmills Yay! I got it! Thanks! Also, I edited wiki entry and then ran out of time for more.
  721. Tasty office-made Italian sausage sandwiches. Some Thursdays are better than others.
  722. It's just like I'm back in Hong Kong.
  723. Adobe Muse doesn't fit in my netbook screen, and start-up options fill me with trepidation.
  724. Mexicanos frappe (Mexican sundae); vanilla, peanut butter fudge sundae.
  725. Walls and walls of chocolate and candy.
  726. Kimbo pod (red sauce, mozzarella, pineapples, onions, raisins, sun-dried tomatoes), Sammy pizza (tomato, artichoke, zucchini, mozzarella).
  727. Spinach bread and Leffe blonde (Belgian).
  728. Vanilla ice cream. Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye in the background.
  729. Pad see-ew.
  730. Summer roll. (yay)
  731. Ford Edge, vanity plate 1 MJL, taking two spaces. Scratch-free.
  732. Bacon, egg, kale breakfast sandwich.
  733. Chocolate ice cream with toasted coconut bits.
  734. Grilled cheddar and tomato, side of broccoli bacon salad.
  735. Strawberry banana, blueberry banana smoothies. None of that wheatgrass pseudo-science bunk.
  736. Working late, but eating pretty well. Sandwiches, kabobs, hummus.
  737. The second-place tower, made of index cards and tape. Then Garretzilla stomped it.
  738. Breakfast run.
  739. The Egypt exhibit across the hall from the Da Vinci exhibit was neat. Worth a visit.
  740. Got inside Da Vinci's tank, but it needs a crew of eight to do anything.
  741. I'd be more impressed if Facebook could suggest who to tag based on the skull.
  742. The bug bomb is corroding my brain: I'm eating too-sweet pizza, watching Tosh stand-up, and using a 70s filter.
  743. Blimp. Just flying over my house. Completely failing to drop little bottles of vodka with parachutes.
  744. This cardinal has been heckling my wet cats for an hour. I started insulting him back.
  745. This is the face of a feline planning revenge -- flea bombs be damned!
  746. Who doesn't like spending a Saturday giving a flea bath to a Maine Coon?
  747. Free book exchange! Until the bums use it as a urinal.
  748. Summer salad (greens, mango, cucumber, grap tomatoes, steak, mozzarella, capers).
  749. Arancini (Italian sausage, peas, mozzarella, rissotto).
  750. Opted for the beef today and mac-n-cheese.
  751. Chocolate with not-Oreo bits, peanut butter swirl in the background.
  752. Strawberry rosemary sorbet (with pink peppercorns).
  753. Just a side of mac-n-cheese today. I bought enough blueberries to feed me twice.
  754. B-lo burger with bacon jam and a side of regular fries.
  755. Trying G+ hangouts for remote gaming. So good Gauvin's here twice.
  756. BBQ cheddar bacon burger with sweet potato fries.
  757. Zucchini from my garden (apparently anyone can grow it) and steak from @stevenraines.
  758. There is a #Buffalo food truck petition at @whereslloyd.
  759. Espresso Heath bar fudge ice cream. Note the awesome chocolates in the background.
  760. Faked a garbage plate at the family reunion.
  761. EHX 1988, Sheridan & Sweethome - threw handful of trash out window while child in back watched.
  762. Kahlua espresso fudge, dark chocolate sponge candy.
  763. Strawberry gelato, chocolate gelato, spare cookies.
  764. Espresso spice gelato, mint chocolate chip gelato, spare cookies.
  765. Amount of food of each type left by the time I got here. [INFOGRAPHIC]
  766. Creme brulee.
  767. Roasted half chicken, broccoli rabe, gnochi, tasty gravy.
  768. Sweet potato bisque.
  769. Lookinf back from the table in the front window.
  770. Even the BPD mounted officers enjoy a @perrysicecream Nutty Cone. The horse wants one, too.
  771. Free @perrysicecream, no @buffalobills knowledge needed (though Jills say otherwise).
  772. Amount of pasta eaten to bread left to eat [INFOGRAPHIC].
  773. Chicken sandwich (with bacon jam) and sweet potato fries. $9.
  774. New food truck (@RoamingBuffalo1) at Court St Plaza today.
  775. Reflections are fun.
  776. Look at this -- QR codes for transport schedules (not Microsoft tags, clients).
  777. Horses, rollerbladers, paddle boats, and a thousand women in bras, tutus, cowboy hats, and so on...
  778. Iced latte and eccles (raisin and chocolate pastry) as I enjoy my last visit to the park.
  779. Almost too many pastry choices. Need to bulk up for the flight.
  780. Went to get details on Heathrow Express, rewarded with this nice sky.
  781. Came back today and gave another £2 to another string sextet.
  782. Roast beef, goose fat potatoes, veggies, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, Hoegaarden.
  783. These neat little ice cream trucks are at all the museums -- two at this one.
  784. Other than a single original page from "V for Vendetta," dramatic departure from that comic shop I just visited.
  785. Half of one floor -- big. Berkely Breathed is coming in now to do autographs.
  786. An impressive comic shop, the posters alone were enough pull me in.
  787. Looking over painted minis while a talented group of lads pose as a string quintet outside.
  788. Scoops of Glastonberry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry sorbet), Choc&Awe (70% dark chocolate ice cream).
  789. This sign, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and a girl in biker hat and vest/tie was enough to draw me in.
  790. The woman in pink is singing "Ave Maria" (quite well).
  791. Trafalgar has a huge kids show going on, killing my chances for proper photos.
  792. Got here right at opening, undisturbed visit to the kitchen.
  793. A couple plates of beans, eggs and sausage to bulk up for a full day.
  794. Hummus beiruty. Phone died, so no pics of lahma mashwia, naboulsiya.
  795. Finished my 5.2 mile stroll through the park with ice cream.
  796. This exhibit reminded me of moving into my house -- corrugated cardboard maze, hidden mirrors.
  797. "Hortus Conclusus" by Peter Zumthore (interior) Full of folks chatting eating.
  798. "Hortus Conclusus" by Peter Zumthore (exterior)
  799. The memorial for Queen Victoria's husband is awesomer than hers.
  800. The squirrels on The Flower Walk are so tame they are begging to be eaten.
  801. Even though there is lots of construction, the Kensington Palace gardens are quite nice.
  802. The birds got stirred up and were maddeningly loud. I think I know what's afflicting the royals.
  803. Single occupancy room. Small, but comfortable. Looks out over Sussex.
  804. I believe if I zoom in yet closer to one of these Sherlocks, it will be up of yet more Sherlocks.
  805. There are Sherlocks on the walls made up of little Sherlocks.
  806. Photo shoot & signing autographs. No, not me (though I should be) and not for me.
  807. Apparently HSBC has changed its name to 4SBC (note the plywood on the tower).
  808. Haven't seen a "max headroom" sign in years. Nor the TV show.
  809. Pasta, pesto, green beans, shaved parm. Ate it while awaiting the water taxi.
  810. Perhaps my last night cutting through here back to my hotel.
  811. Managed to get in a photo of the new Reagan statue outside the US embassy.
  812. After 4 rounds, I know @chrisdavidmills @brucel and I got Thai. I don't recall quite what dish.
  813. Round 2 with @chrisdavidmills @brucel (Hop Head, Green Demon, Sherwood Stag, Harvey's Sussex Bitter).
  814. Credibility was lent to a beer run when @brucel suggested this to @chrisdavidmills and I.
  815. Stumbled across the Dean's Yard while trying to find a loo.
  816. I understand there was a wedding here...
  817. Another obligatory tourist Big Ben photo.
  818. Look kids! Parliament, Big Ben! Parliament...
  819. Tourist trap of aquarium (nee county hall) and London Eye.
  820. The lines stretched to Belgium, so I enjoyed the London Eye from the ground.
  821. It's amazing inside the Tate Modern, including this massive exhibition space.
  822. "Siege" Richard Wentworth 1983-4. Makes me think of a Bond film.
  823. "Staircase III" Do Ho Suh, 2009. One of the pieces I enjoyed.
  824. Looking back at Millennium Bridge from Tate Modern.
  825. Finally found wifi, and a lock, and an emo band playing a Starbucks.
  826. It's a winding maze of shops -- most in former horse stalls.
  827. Got myself a kangaroo burger. My first marsupial.
  828. Just one of the food stand collections.
  829. I barely made it past the goth/steampunk shops.
  830. The raver shop stopped me cold as I walked in.
  831. Pain au chocolate and a latte.
  832. Looking up the road. Lots of construction in the flats.
  833. Ponds to my back, looking up the hill.
  834. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
  835. It's a bit overgrown in parts.
  836. Fullers London Pride and pad khing.
  837. Fowlers and potato wedges.
  838. Writing out postcards. Mostly so I can have a pint of Murphy's Irish stout.
  839. Velvet cushions, velvet curtains, Handel's "Water Music." I spent far too much time in these.
  840. I walked under the Thames in this Victorian-era foot tunnel.
  841. "No itinerant ice cream sales."
  842. "The Honest Sausage." Honest.
  843. Organic Cornish ice cream milkshake (chocolate).
  844. Lined up with second stack from the left to straddle the Prime Meridian.
  845. Public standards of length.
  846. Royal Navy College from across the Thames.
  847. Wasn't willing to spend £7 on Prime, so visited lesser-known Bradley Meridian.
  848. Looking back at the Painted Hall and the Chapel from Greenwich Park.
  849. The Chapel of St Peter and St Paul. Quite ornate.
  850. The two telescopes in the planetarium.
  851. Looking up in the vestibule of the Painted Hall.
  852. Inside the Painted Hall. Amazing painting skills making walls look carved.
  853. This is about as close as I am going to get to Cutty Sark.
  854. The red phone booths are still scattered throughout London.
  855. Looking back at hotel from across Thames.
  856. Beans, tomatoes and black pudding to start the day.
  857. Enjoying a Boddingtons and internet access. Sleep comes soon...
  858. Churrasco de chorizo: marinated spiral cut, olive oil, garlic, parsley; sauteed swiss chard, shallots, cream.
  859. Eros.
  860. Stopped for a tuna and cucumber sandwich.
  861. Look kids! Parliament, Big Ben! Parliament...
  862. Flying over central London.
  863. A miniature do-it-yourself Chicken Cordon Bleu hobby kit, sort of a put-it-together project to keep you busy.
  864. Pounding burger and gelato, mapping my hotel on embedded iPad, wondering why AC seems busted.
  865. Ayinger Brau Weisse. Private party win.
  866. The bubble man is out on Allen and Elmwood. Yay!
  867. #BUFunscripted Central Terminal from Memorial Drive.
  868. #BUFunscripted
  869. #BUFunscripted "BuffaloCentralTerminal.org welcomes National Trust."
  870. #BUFunscripted There is a very loud, very agitated falcon & nest next to the clock face.
  871. #BUFunscripted Looking out over original Polish immigrant housing to distant church.
  872. #BUFunscripted Overall structure from outside (my phone needs a wide angle lens).
  873. #BUFunscripted Outside view of main concourse windows, over train lines.
  874. #BUFunscripted "The New York Central Railroad Co"
  875. #BUFunscripted Looking out over the old rail lines (which are still in use).
  876. #BUFunscripted The original "Union News Company" sign.
  877. #BUFunscripted Docent tells story of the return of the original clock.
  878. #BUFunscripted Looking up stairs from trolley stand.
  879. #BUFunscripted It took 6 tons of coal per hour to heat in February.
  880. #BUFunscripted Tour group.
  881. #BUFunscripted Concourse from the balcony.
  882. Her for #BUFunscripted tour.
  883. Dal with collard greens, salad from Mass Ave Project, all from @WholeHogTruck.
  884. Ice cream and candy!
  885. The nougaty center of the Tower of Pisa and one of Columbus' boats.
  886. #Buffalo's own Joe Cascio (@panomaniac1) in the street gondola.
  887. Get in my belly!
  888. Cheese-stuffed artichoke from Bing's.
  889. Lombardo made this custom vegetarian greens dish. Props to them.
  890. Mozzarella-stuffed meatballs from Salvatore's.
  891. Veal cheek, short rib bolognese from O'Connell's Bistro.
  892. Arancini from Romeo's & Juliet's.
  893. Pork & beef bracciole from Panaro's.
  894. Ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, sweet potato fries.
  895. BMW (EBG 1921), hydrant. Spot Mini is was open. Driver refused to admit illegality. Elmwood & Bidwell.
  896. The sun sets over day one. The seagulls circle in anticipation.
  897. Tomato cucumber salad, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.
  898. Arancini (saffron risotto, veal, peas, currants, pine nuts), 31 Club.
  899. Pulled pork eggroll with garlic BBQ sauce, 58 Main BBQ.
  900. Chocolate-dipped cheesecake, Landies Candies.
  901. Chocolate peanut butter cone, Anderson's.
  902. Mac-n-cheese, Fat Bob's Smokehouse.
  903. Oreo milkshake, Clarence Center Cafe.
  904. Chicken mug pie, BW Smokin' Barrels BBQ.
  905. My purple balloon flowers (Platycodon grandiflorus, also Chinese/Japanese bell flower) are blooming en masse.
  906. Coconut creme pie.
  907. Tuna with salsa, black bean goo; saffron rice, asparagus. Gravy sandwich in back.
  908. Warsteiner, French onion soup (Belgium played by tablecloth).
  909. That's the old #Buffalo Larkin building, not these officew nee warehouses. Parking lot.
  910. Lexus, license DUA 8039, next to hydrant, Elmwood & Bidwell.
  911. Need reason to skip work on nice #Buffalo day? Go to a protest of some sort. Your job can be outsourced.
  912. Spuds, tomatoes, black beans, greens (from MAP); beans-n-greens with pork topping from @WholeHogTruck.
  913. Stole a slice of my dad's pizza appetizer.
  914. Tomato peach chutney, yellow curry sauce over dry-rubbed pork tenderloin. Red spuds, green beans.
  915. I hear they serve a good $10 steak and beer special at the bar.
  916. Somebody just *had* to show me up with four scoops on her cone.
  917. Did you leave #smdayBUF early? See if you missed a prize here:
  918. RT @HashTagRon I met #Ron at #smdayBUF 2011!
  919. #smdayBUF sponsors! In other words, free stuff!
  920. The prize table for #smdayBUF...
  921. Sweet potato fries before diving into the #smdayBUF behind me.
  922. My company ad next to vajazzle post on @socialmediaclub site. Dangers of unverified user-submitted content.
  923. Snacky bits for the #adlab social media event via @adclubofbuffalo.
  924. ELG 3542, blocking hydrant, Elmwood & Bidwell.
  925. 20 minutes past @Citybration balloon ride start time. No change in this scene in 30 mins.
  926. The @WholeHogTruck has a chalkboard on one side, with some art from @citybration attendees.
  927. All 3 trucks (@whereslloyd @RnRBBQTruck @WholeHogTruck ) showed up for @Citybration.
  928. Got here in time for the @citybration Cheerios breakfast
  929. Left this "special wish" in the wedding guest book (my Japanese lettering is pretty bad, tho).
  930. In contrast to my sketch, this is how the bride and groom represented themselves on the cake.
  931. Guest book asked us to draw bride and groom. This was my take.
  932. The observatory on the roof.
  933. Racing shells on the first floor.
  934. CAE 3351, Elmwood & Bidwell, blocking hydrant & driveway.
  935. Last shot of Cherry Poppin' Daddies at Deco-Fest for the night.
  936. The crowd takes to Cherry Poppin' Daddies at Deco-Fest.
  937. Cherry Poppin' Daddies take the stage at Deco-Fest.
  938. Plenty of dancing at the start of the night at Deco-Fest.
  939. Pounding @whereslloyd tacos and krazy korn at DecoFest.
  940. This @bevcoasters heat sensitive coaster tells me when my laptop is overheating. Skeleton = bad.
  941. Opted for the braised beef BBQ wrap (taco), mac-n-cheese, macaroni salad.
  942. Taking in the shade and fountain, calming myself...
  943. Chocolate ice cream to herald the start of summer.
  944. I should have followed instructions on this @bevcoasters promo instead of going by the picture.
  945. Steak, pasta, bread, awesome salad (not a pile of iceberg).
  946. Fresh spiced blueberries on ice cream, sheet cake, watermelon.
  947. Meat! (steak, chicken, pork)
  948. I liked the borsin cheese with the basil and tomato on crackers.
  949. "How Soon Is Now," key lime graham gelato, peanut butter fudge ice cream. Teen angst and ice cream!
  950. To @bloomspot's credit, response to my emails and FB comment was swift.
  951. Getting spam from @bloomspot in violation of CAN-SPAM. How long to clear this off its FB wall?
  952. Big crowd. Plenty of hippies.
  953. "Mmf mrmf hmgr #Buffalo (can't hear through window)." Then a ribbon was cut.
  954. Opted for the soup and BBQ sandwich today (piled on the shelf).
  955. I only come here because they honor me on the placemats.
  956. If I'm gonna stay this late, I could do worse than 2 pounds of strawberries for dinner.
  957. Hey @Citybration, trying to surf your site on my mobile but this is all I get.
  958. Remember I said the pink peonies were drunk? Now I have proof.
  959. Charlie Chaplin logs are calling to me...
  960. This is what I was wearing when mistaken for an employee.
  961. Duke Ellington Orchestra is getting set up with @BPOrchestra.
  962. Because somebody didn't believe how well balsamic, strawberries and vanilla ice cream go together.
  963. Ice cream for lunch.
  964. Solomon and my girl Stacy breakin' on Allen.
  965. Alligator and sweet potato fries (Allentown Art Fest).
  966. Dessert (x2 in my case).
  967. I ate three plates. Because I have a problem. Stuffed chicken, twice baked sweet/white potatoes.
  968. With tomatoes grown at the CAO hoop house.
  969. Hawaiian pizza and Sammy's Special (hippie vegetarian) pizza.
  970. It's like the far peonies are judging the pink peonies for being sloppy drunks.
  971. Precarious Foot-high stack of reading, doesn't work well as cat seat. All fell right after this pic.
  972. Broiled chicken breast, baby spinach, melted asiago, asiago cream sauce, vegetable rissotto.
  973. Avoiding cooking, happy to start with a salad before I bring the heavier food.
  974. Fresh strawberries, balsamic vinegar, cracked pepper over vanilla ice cream.
  975. Just a test.
  976. Got this today from @bevcoasters -- taking my QR code tips to the coaster world *and* sized for my phone.
  977. Root beer float (Breyer's & Virgil's) reward for all the yard work and for being awesome.
  978. Strip steak (olive oil, cracker pepper, minced garlic, salt) and grilled zucchini, sweet red pepper.
  979. Chocolate cone, peanut butter swirl cone.
  980. Can I count this as a Foursquare check-in to the @WholeHogTruck?
  981. Verdi's "Requiem" with @BPOrchestra and Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus.
  982. Enjoying some pre-show music.
  983. We've taken over the restaurant for the communion after-party.
  984. It's decorated like mardi gras.
  985. Quick-n-dirty IE features testing while munching pizzelle. Cookie mellow my anger at IE.
  986. Somebody is storing his toilet collection at Hotel Lafayette.
  987. They've got a giant TV off to the left of the stage. If you want a vocalist close-up.
  988. Our private box seats for Thursday at the Square.
  989. First show of the season -- from the private box seats.
  990. Nope, two weren't enough.
  991. I am hoping two sausage sandwiches will be enough.
  992. Yay! First Sausage Sandwich Day of the season!
  993. Jambalaya (recipe from @thepolo) and Franziskaner to enjoy the awesome thunderstorm.
  994. Got my chillaxin' music queued up for the next few hours.
  995. Considering more ice cream options...
  996. Chocolate milkshake, peanut butter fudge milkshake.
  997. Mint chocolate chunk; Elmwood Strip (coffee ice cream with chocolate, toffee chunks).
  998. Salty caramel (background), jasmine tea (foreground) ice creams.
  999. Mug of espresso for her, apple turnover for: powered for the rest of the day.
  1000. Breaking in the new mug and new totally sweet mouse.
  1001. Trying the @WholeHogTruck BBQ pork sandwich, beans & greens. Awesome.
  1002. Got the @RnRBBQTruck special: pulled pork with slaw, mac-n-cheese, corn bread, drink.
  1003. Pork taco and the return of Krazy corn from @whereslloyd.
  1004. K-9 units love them some tasty tacos.
  1005. If my Twitter bio isn't clear, I do know where my towel is -- safely sealed in my car. #TowelDay
  1006. Beef with scallops. And a nice looking garnish.
  1007. Agedashi tofu: deep fried tofu. If you don't want real meat.
  1008. Seaweed salad, harumaki (Japanese spring roll), yakitori (chicken teriyaki), yaki nasu (eggplant, soybean paste).
  1009. Slightly spicy creole meatloaf with creole sauce, bourbon mashed sweet spuds, veggies.
  1010. Wow. This doesn't bode well for me.
  1011. On the porch after lots of yard work, waiting for our chance to start looting -- Rapture fun!
  1012. Macho Man Strawberry Pink Lemonade
  1013. BBQ pulled pork, mac-n-cheese from @RnRBBQTruck and beef burrito from @whereslloyd. Food truck crawl!
  1014. I understand you get a free donkey punch with the Ascension Steamer.
  1015. Strawberry rhubarb, strawberry buttercream; cannoli-goo-filled, vanilla buttercream, chocolate cupcake.
  1016. Spring-themed novelty cakes.
  1017. Two sizes of Buffalo nickel cuff links. Mine were made from real coins by a local artist, though.
  1018. I spent enough time at The Continental that I should get a discount on these.
  1019. I cannot be expected to get any work done with the meat vendor outside my window.
  1020. Veal ala Amici: tomatoes, garlic, capers, wine sauce.
  1021. Coppa caffe and one scoop of chocolate and one of biscotti hazelnut gelato.
  1022. Started with the spinach mozzarella garlic bread.
  1023. Came specifically to try the @MightyTacoInc Carne Alota Burrito. Twice.
  1024. Macaroni and Swiss, smoked gouda, broccoletti, grape tomatoes, panko parmesan crust.
  1025. Her cappuccino has a Guinnees cascade. Now I want a stout.
  1026. Sunday afternoon @PerrysIceCream cannoli sundae and peanut butter swirl cone.
  1027. Yeah, @P22TypeFoundry represent!
  1028. I had never paid attention to their tea selection before.
  1029. Grass-fed angus, house-made bacon, fried duck egg, buttermilk blue cheese burger. Truffle oil fries.
  1030. Etouffee: roasted root vegetables, farro, asaparagus (variance from menu)
  1031. Bananas Foster, cup of gumbo. Did we both order dessert or appetizers?
  1032. Ayinger Brau-Weisse to warm up.
  1033. You know spring is here in #Buffalo when they start painting the sidewalks downtown.
  1034. Eating light: pasta e fagioli and a side of meatballs. Makes perfect sense.
  1035. Mother's Day brunch: dessert plates.
  1036. Mother's Day brunch: dinner plate.
  1037. Mother's Day brunch: lunch plate.
  1038. Mother's Day brunch: breakfast plate.
  1039. Tomato, basil, mozzarella and mushroom, artichoke, roasted red pepper, provolone panini.
  1040. Schneider Weisse, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Betty & Veronica: Comic Book Day wrap-up.
  1041. Atticus.
  1042. First Elmwood ice cream cone of the season. And my awesome Comic Book Day Green Lantern ring.
  1043. Cake and ice cream. Yes, that is a Green Lantern ring (Yay, Comic Book Day!).
  1044. Steak! (Preparing for tomorrow.)
  1045. Even the pretty girls have come out for Free Comic Book Day!
  1046. Free Comic Day feast!
  1047. Free comic book day!
  1048. Double tap.
  1049. Margarita cupcake, lime tequila butter cream, granulated sugar, festive cactus.
  1050. At least when I work from home, my kitchen is my office and breakfast is free.
  1051. Glass of limoncello sorbet, bowl of profiterol in chocolate and custard.
  1052. Pasta broccoli, light oil, extra garlic.
  1053. Pasta e fagioli soup.
  1054. Daylight without people -- it's kinda neat.
  1055. Jambalaya, kindly donated to my food cause by @ThePolo.
  1056. The fog is so thick that it rolled in with a wet thud.
  1057. Broiled mac-n-cheese: swiss, gruyère, Guinness stout, thyme, parmesan crust.
  1058. Tonight: Ravel, Tyberg, Grieg (with Christopher O'Riley on piano).
  1059. Spiced espresso gelato.
  1060. Sides (for 2-4 people): Aged cheddar mac-n-cheese, grilled asparagus.
  1061. NY strip steak, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus.
  1062. Beefsteak tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto, red onions.
  1063. I had such plans for these towels -- until I realized they offered only one vowel.
  1064. Dessert of champions: Schneider Weisse, chocolate PB ganache.
  1065. Herb-basted steak frites.
  1066. Chicken paprikash. It all looks the same, but some of that is potato dumpling.
  1067. Corn dog casserole, stuffed peppers, meat-n-beans, kielbasa.
  1068. Preparation for Food Friday is underway...
  1069. Opted for the baked penne parmesan tonight.
  1070. And for dessert, a stack of tacos!
  1071. Banana split and a peanut themed sundae. A good dinner on a warm day.
  1072. It's bound to be a good day when there are bags of Ecklof's cookies waiting on your desk.
  1073. Very delayed pic of Easter dinner. Does not include *8* desserts (with 3 sorbets I made).
  1074. Zombie prophet day started a couple hours ago. Pounding espresso to stay awake for coming zombie apocalypse.
  1075. Roller derby!
  1076. Cherry, peanut butterfly, chai tea, hazelnut, coconut curry, raspberry chocolates.
  1077. Blue Monk burger (added smoked bacon, duck frites with curry ketchup), portobella sandwich (vegan frites, wasabi aioli mayo).
  1078. Weihenstephaner hefe weissbier, St. Bernardus ABT quadrupel.
  1079. One of the random dogs that's befriended me today. This one sat up against me.
  1080. Blackened tuna.
  1081. Penne with spicy chicken sausage.
  1082. Poached pear salad.
  1083. Apparently international food consists of corn dogs, hot dogs, cotton candy. (@ One HSBC Center)
  1084. Nocello (walnut liqueur) for dessert.
  1085. Penne, meat sauce, and spare meatballs. Simple and meaty.
  1086. I finally found the other person in #Buffalo who uses Color.
  1087. Strike that last comment -- cake is better.
  1088. Best part about Digital Media Advisory Council meetings? Free food.
  1089. Trying to get a photo on Taco Tuesday is impossible when no one will let me near.
  1090. BBQ pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, cole slaw, Franziskaner. A good night to doze on the couch.
  1091. Signs of the coming holiday -- butter lambs queued up for their annual beheading.
  1092. Dirty Girl Scout (Thin-Mint-flavored booze milkshake).
  1093. Mac-n-cheese with grilled steak and bacon strips.
  1094. Pasta with white chocolate, cream, white wine, fresh basil sauce. Corn with bell peppers.
  1095. Dessert: chili cheese dog.
  1096. Cherry creme brulee; upside-down pineapple cake; doughnut holes, fresh jelly.
  1097. Steak frite, aioli; braised short rib, carrot confit, carmelized onions; bok choy burger, kim chi aioli.
  1098. Jambalaya cake, okra, baby shrimp; fried chicken, greens, grits; fried haddock, cole slaw, potato chip.
  1099. French onion breadbowl; chicken & dumpling; clam chowder; sweet potato, maple, bacon.
  1100. Feta, roasted red peppers; hummus; tabouleh; baba ganoush; lentil salad.
  1101. Fennel with parm, ricotta with grape chutney, olives with goat cheese.
  1102. 2oz. of miso soup.
  1103. Schwag.
  1104. Peanut butter haute chocolate.
  1105. Some of the desserts.
  1106. Some of the chocolate on display.
  1107. OH: "We'll be serving hot fruit?" Unrelated: That's a photo of his eternal soul.
  1108. Chocolate cake brought in from Dessert Deli, double-shot espresso to wash it down.
  1109. Chicken sausage, basil, cannellini beans, garlic, orecchiette, white wine pecorino sauce.
  1110. Grilled Roman artichokes, spinach, onions, tomatoes, shaved parm.
  1111. Beans & greens soup.
  1112. Creme brulee: lemon cake, filled with vanilla pastry cream, topped with carmelized brown sugar, lemon buttercream.
  1113. The "marshmallow" is bigger than my head.
  1114. Some coppa cafes and a limoncello sorbet. Nice way to end the evening.
  1115. I got penne, chicken, broccoli, artichoke, sundried tomatoes, spinach, roasted peppers, garlic butter romano sauce.
  1116. Sara got the pasta ala norma: penne, eggplant pomodoro, fresh basil, bocconcini mozzarella.
  1117. Stacy got parmesan crusted sea bass, arugula pesto risotto, tomato leek cream sauce.
  1118. Stacy got crab cakes with cajun cream sauce. (Rachel got the seabass)
  1119. Yay! Got my copy of "WRITE MORE GOOD" from @FakeAPStylebook today. Now to unlearn...
  1120. Illegal parker: AUV 7074. Fled as I approached the car.
  1121. My cheeseburger burrito getting ready for nomming.
  1122. Is that a table of chocolate? I may have my lunch plans...
  1123. Trying out the Dice Bag of Devouring. It has not tried to eat me. Yet.
  1124. Bistro tater tots. I had them add bacon. I wasted (befouled) a pig.
  1125. LARPers? Dunno, but there is a lot of abandoned gear...
  1126. Classic art -- reinvented.
  1127. These are not the cons of my youth -- DDR *and* cosplay?
  1128. A little bit of cosplay in the Union.
  1129. Kindle also does CSS transforms, transitions. And I can play Asteroids (chunkily) on my page (link in footer).
  1130. Kindle handles fly-out menus, CSS3 media queries, and general layout well. Webkit engine quite nice.
  1131. Suckerpunch. Yeah, it was good.
  1132. I dodged you in Hong Kong, skipped you in Malaysia, but now you are mine.
  1133. Yes, those are bacon cheese fries. And yes, that's extra bacon.
  1134. Not even noon and it's mobbed. Line just doubled while writing this.
  1135. Curbstones and ice cream bars FTW!
  1136. Crème brulée and tiramisu (not part of restaurant week special).
  1137. #LocalRestWeek Lasagna bolognese.
  1138. #LocalRestWeek (7 of 7!) Pasta fagioli.
  1139. Live band, beer, highlight reels for @QCRG 5th birthday party.
  1140. Happy 5th birthday, Queen City Roller Girls (@QCRG)
  1141. Alley Kats vs. Nickel City Knockouts (@QCRG). Too fast for the camera.
  1142. Getting tweaked for @SMCBuffalo & @QCRG event with Thai iced coffee.
  1143. Fried banana, honey with vanilla ice cream (not part of rest. week special).
  1144. #LocalRestWeek Peanut King w/ pork (foreground); Street Noodles w/ hippie chunks (background)
  1145. #LocalRestWeek Two bowls of tom kha (coconut milk) soup, one with beef, one with dessicated hippie bits.
  1146. Squee!
  1147. The smell rekindled memories long gone. I am home. And geeking out.
  1148. The Pink Squirrel (milk, creme de cacao, some almond booze, cream, cherries). Tasty and novel. And girly.
  1149. #LocalRestWeek Peanut butter pie.
  1150. #LocalRestWeek Grilled salmon; asparagus; coconut milk, chili rice. Hella tasty.
  1151. #LocalRestWeek Strawberry, goat cheese, mesclun greens.
  1152. #LocalRestWeek Chilean sea bass, butternut squash risotto, wilted spinach.
  1153. #LocalRestWeek Caprese salad, light on tomatoes and mozzarella.
  1154. #LocalRestWeek Cheese fondue bread bowl (don't know which cheeses) with apple slices.
  1155. #LocalRestWeek Cannoli (yes, I meant plural) for dessert.
  1156. #LocalRestWeek Pork bracciole, sliced open to show the meaty strata of awesomeness.
  1157. #LocalRestWeek Pasta pastina appetizer.
  1158. Getting the trade show booth together, soon to make its flight to Florida.
  1159. #LocalRestWeek Pasta, pesto, tomatoes, roasted red pepper, grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella.
  1160. #LocalRestWeek Portobello sandwich with pesto, gorgonzola, field greens. Part 2 of combo.
  1161. #LocalRestWeek Salad - first part of salad/sandwich combo.
  1162. Creme brulee, cream puff, mound of whipped cream. #LocalRestWeek
  1163. Creme brulee to order. #LocalRestWeek
  1164. #LocalRestWeek Chicken roulade (sundried tomatoes, spinach, asiago), lemon bèchamel; steamed broccoli; long grain wild rice.
  1165. Chocolate peppercorn soup, fresh strawberries. Like fondu. #LocalRestWeek.
  1166. Pineapple rosemary sorbet (idea shamelessly stolen from Shango).
  1167. Resting (and storing up hairballs) between barfs.
  1168. Fingerling, leek, red pepper fries; asparagus, red pepper, leek, smoked gouda eggs; pancakes, strawberries, bananas; ham.
  1169. Dinner in the pan. I did a poor job of keeping the eggs totally separate.
  1170. Fingerling spuds, leek, Swiss chard, eggs, smoked paprika, Gruyère.
  1171. Cannoli and CSS3. Good, but lame, Saturday.
  1172. My food is overshadowed by this poster for Ka Kaugh @ Nietzche's on 4/1.
  1173. Too dark to get photos of the gumbo, meat loaf, sorbets, etc., so this will have to do.
  1174. The @BuffaloFirst site now lets IE6, IE7 users in. Must click past splash, but at least not blocked. Thanks!
  1175. I had no idea there was a miniature theater in here.
  1176. Food Thursday (nee Friday): Baked ziti, bacon cheeseburger souffle, pumpkin roulade, shepherd's pie.
  1177. The line has barely started and these folks are *destroying* the food.
  1178. Our newest dad came in for Food Thursday only to find his cube done up like so...
  1179. Food Friday on a Thursday? We must be mad...
  1180. Lasagna (first time in years). Penne vodka in the background.
  1181. Bocconcini salad.
  1182. I don't get it -- where is everybody?
  1183. #OperaMini6 gets 97/100, with incorrect rendering, on Acid3 test. Photo of my phone via @VinNay.
  1184. Lemony chicken saltimbocca over angel hair; sauteed spinach and sweet red peppers.
  1185. Got my free (with SASE) @W3C #HTML5 stickers today. Where to stick...
  1186. The pancakes weren't enough. Craving 50 pounds of rice.
  1187. Now I want chicken for dinner. Cocked up that plan.
  1188. Tractor in a field.
  1189. This is what it might be like Dexter went for trees instead of people.
  1190. Did I mention they were *bottomless* buttermilk pancakes?
  1191. Did I mention that I ordered buttermilk pancakes, too?
  1192. Cinnamon French toast, eggs, ham, buckets of maple syrup.
  1193. Maple cream candies + passable coffee = tasty coffee.
  1194. Maple tea (?) and maple cream candies while awaiting pancakes.
  1195. Waiting in line for pancake rewards...
  1196. Shostakovich's first from the nosebleeds.
  1197. Still want to try dinner down here...
  1198. Pre-show drinks.
  1199. Key lime pie.
  1200. Duck special.
  1201. Vietnamese pancake.
  1202. Summer rolls.
  1203. Smells vaguely of Salvation Army...
  1204. The Elvis and the Car Bomb mini-cupcakes.
  1205. There is a heck of line for tacos...
  1206. I'm thinking I should have bought the goggles.
  1207. Looking back into the front of the event. I smell tacos...
  1208. Hipsters have taken over the comics and zines. Dammit.
  1209. Cthulu, Squee and beholder letterpress cards (by Renee Hoover).
  1210. A letterpress book of poetry, via QR codes (by Chris Fritton).
  1211. French Press with my favorite -- the poop card.
  1212. Looking over some of the crowd.
  1213. With no taco truck, I went for souvlaki dinner at Zesto's.
  1214. Elvis: banana, peanut butter chips, peanut butter chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache, Elvis-y toppings.
  1215. The new lobby.
  1216. Penne with meat sauce, meatballs, Italian sausage. A special just for me.
  1217. Stole some of my dad's grouper picatta.
  1218. Somebody snuck a slice or two of pizza into the office.
  1219. Queen City Roller Girls (@QCRG) talking about SM at @SMCBuffalo beSOCIAL.
  1220. Tea from a terrier teapot for @SMCBuffalo beSOCIAL gathering.
  1221. Combo: BBQ pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, corn bread, drink.
  1222. Finally made it.
  1223. My chocolate (Ghirardelli) espresso (Illy) sorbet. Now my molars itch...
  1224. Blueberry pancakes; ham steak; spinach, tomato, cheddar eggs.
  1225. Pistachio jelly roll upturned and made into a cake. A green cake.
  1226. Corned beef, cabbage, spuds, carrots, parsnips, whole wheat soda bread.
  1227. Warm up before the family St. Patrick's meal.
  1228. While craving my chocolate espresso sorbet, found a tub of Ghirardelli mocha cocoa mix. It'll do.
  1229. Since I'm her mid-day, might as well eat the freebies.
  1230. Illegal parker. License no. APG 8106. Don't be that jerk.
  1231. Chocolate stout, Guiness glaze, Bailey's Irish pastry cream, chocolate ganache, pot-o-gold.
  1232. I am oddly drawn to the brains cake.
  1233. Protestors at Nat'l Fuel call center, interrupting my meeting with megaphones. Fun.
  1234. Penne with vodka, tomato, cream sauce and grilled chicken.
  1235. House salad and calamari (yes, on different plates).
  1236. Musician (background) cycling between harmonica, flute, string bass, classical guitar.
  1237. My @24ways book arrived. I dig the paper stock. Good for UNICEF, fun for me. #nerd
  1238. Vanilla cinnamon Freedom Toast; red pepper, broccoli, smoked gouda, eggs; red pepper, cinnamon home fries; ham.
  1239. Scrabble Fest with mini cupcakes and Scrabble Cheez-its, among lots of other food.
  1240. Bob the Builder's double bacon chili cheeseburger and a side of fries.
  1241. Imterior view. It's nothing but bar stool seating.
  1242. Giant chocolate chip cookie and a garbanzo salad. And code. Terrible, terrible code.
  1243. Caprese pizza, greek pasta salad. My little tour of the Mediterranean.
  1244. Mac-n-cheese as my substitution side, sweet potato fries for good measure.
  1245. Pork chops with bourbon sauce (ran out of sweet mashed). Some tofu thinger.
  1246. Wall over the main entrance doors.
  1247. Illegal parking.
  1248. Bolognese: campanelle, tenderloin tips, pork rib, roma tomatoes, primitivo.
  1249. Irish porter derby, smoked gouda, manchego cheese platter.
  1250. Irish stew: braised angus beef, root veggies, Murphy's stout, soda bread.
  1251. Finally sitting down to a three course lunch.
  1252. Protesting. For unions. In another state. During work hours.
  1253. Trying @BuffaloFirst's FB wall again. Let's see how long before they delete it.
  1254. I posted last night to @BuffaloFirst's FB wall (http://picplz.com/R6b8). They simply deleted it without comment:
  1255. Spinach, tomato, feta omelettes; home fries, bacon (yay), pork sausage.
  1256. Fruit cup, pastries, and tasty breakfast bars from the culinary students.
  1257. It's sad I have to go this far to try to get @BuffaloFirst's attention.
  1258. Yeah, it's time to go home. I'm the only one downtown.
  1259. Yes, that's a Nobel Prize in the corner. #Buffalo has some swell stuff.
  1260. I imagine ham sorbet would look like this. It seems to be the right shade of pink.
  1261. Strawberry banana sorbet. I have no idea why I was surprised it was so pink.
  1262. Belgian waffles, berries, maple syrup; asparagus, red pepper, shallot, smoked gouda eggs; ham, pineapple; red pepper home fries.
  1263. German chocolate cake.
  1264. Spiced wild boar, wilted spinach, red curry lentils. Artisan cheese board: smoked Jarlesburg, cranberry stilton, meddeia brie, walnuts, fruit.
  1265. Guinness stout cheddar, Applewood smoked bacon, carmelized onions mac-n-cheese.
  1266. Blaugies la Moneuse Special Winter (Belgium, saison), St. Bernardus abt (Belgium, quadrupel)
  1267. Nøgne Ø Porter (Norway), Left Hand Milk Stout (Colorado).
  1268. Note to self: the next time I post an ad for an AT-AT pilot, include phone number strips.
  1269. Pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, grits, jambalaya, gumbo, bread-pudding-like dessert. Food Friday win.
  1270. Food Friday prep: pork shoulder and jambalaya getting slow cooked.
  1271. Changed my IE6 UA string to IE8, and can use @BuffaloFirst site. Ugly, but not blocked. Why the block?
  1272. An old standby: penne with meat sauce.
  1273. Pasta e fagioli appetizer.
  1274. So @BuffaloFirst site is accessible in Lynx, but blocks me if I use IE6, IE7. Why?
  1275. Hey @BuffaloFirst, friend trapped on IE7 due to corp policy but you refuse her entry to your site without IE8. Why?
  1276. Spicy British chicken soup (?)
  1277. Keeping my pimp hand strong with some hand-whipped foam on my chai latte.
  1278. Chocolate chip pancakes, banana maple syrup; red pepper, onion, cheddar eggs; red pepper home fries; ham; espresso.
  1279. I definitely need six burners. Time to bring a camp stove into the kitchen.
  1280. Basil fried rice with pork. Panang curry with chicken.
  1281. Summer roll. Beef satay.
  1282. Chicken Kashmiri. Okra something in the background.
  1283. Beef samosa.
  1284. TweetSentiments.com is confused about my gender. But at least it sees me as somewhat positive.
  1285. Finally trying the chili (or chilli, if you're @WheresLloyd).
  1286. I think I'd recognize this friend request if I actually knew her. Photo tagging fun was had.
  1287. Pasta, peas and ham. Hoping this time I don't eat the whole thing.
  1288. M****eow! I'm a killer kitty!
  1289. Spicy chocolate (ancho chile), spicy powdered sugar (ancho), Mexican chocolate ganache (ancho), sombrero.
  1290. Valentine ... gorilla?
  1291. Pasta broccoli with extra extra garlic and light oil. Apologies to those in my meetings tomorrow.
  1292. Pasta e fagioli as an appetizer.
  1293. This is how @truthbluth rolls (my @ThinkGeek D20 that blinks on natural 20s).
  1294. Random office pizza & wings day! Beware my elbows!
  1295. Sandwiches! This is how I honor the holiday.
  1296. Rather tasty pea soup.
  1297. I find the oddest things on my desk. I'm guessing this is from @TerriSwiatek...?
  1298. I'm pretty pleased with the mountain of foam I got on my stove-top chai latte.
  1299. Eggs with cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, cheddar; home fries; freedom toast, blackberries; ham steak.
  1300. I have enough food going to feed a family. And I still need another burner.
  1301. Easter stuff already?
  1302. Inside the beer / band tent.
  1303. Coasters from @Bevcoasters promoting @BuffaloScience Beerology.
  1304. Robot and panicked snowman ice sculptures.
  1305. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery providing part of the backdrop.
  1306. Enjoying a burrito at Powder Keg Festival.
  1307. I hold back the vegan food (soy cocoa, hummus wrap, artichoke salad) with a single oatmeal cookie.
  1308. Red beans & rice, mac-n-cheese, sweet potato fries. And a vegan jambalaya. Whatever.
  1309. Texting while driving simulator. This girl destroyed an entire family of deer and a Coke machine.
  1310. The Honda CR-Z hybrid. For when you absolutely need to see in the trunk while driving
  1311. The Chevy Volt battery is in the center console -- right into the back seat.
  1312. Chevy Volt. Sadly, not allowed inside.
  1313. Enjoying leftovers from our user group meeting. Probably already over ate. Not letting that stop me.
  1314. Post office got house number right. But not the street. Or the city. Or the state. Or the zip. Or the country.
  1315. Apparently the basil lemon sorbet I made is still on the menu.
  1316. Going for the meat sauce again.
  1317. Opted for the spinach garlic bread appetizer.
  1318. Hey #SportsGeek panel -- the audience is tweeting behind your back.
  1319. #SportsGeeks panel: @BNHarrington @BillHoppeSabres @NicholasMendola @JeremyWGR @TimGrahamESPN
  1320. Just made a batch of espresso chocolate sorbet as a reward for something or other.
  1321. Needs more broccoli, less balsamic. Still tasty, so I guesss I should eat it all.
  1322. I sometimes find the most random things in the office kitchen at the end of a day.
  1323. Just a bit of the spread from @VinNay.
  1324. Broccoli, tomato, carmelized shallots, aged cheddar, eggs. Ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes.
  1325. Royalty signs deal with Swamp Thing to protect royal wedding. (Wall Street Journal)
  1326. Yeah, I solved it. Wait -- what was that about my teeth?
  1327. And now I'm eating a bowl of pie.
  1328. #Buffalo city hall as seen from Niagara Square.
  1329. Part of the lobby.
  1330. View from the 12th floor.
  1331. The morning after Snowpocalypse #snowverreaction, or what I call "Thursday."
  1332. Deciding which one is sharpest...
  1333. Relaxing on the porch after clearing the driveway and sidewalk.
  1334. Bolognese, penne with bocconcini mozzarella. Penne with marinara.
  1335. Not the best meal, but at least not the worst I could do.
  1336. These are not the right berries for making sorbet. I think.
  1337. Fresh blueberry raspberry sorbet.
  1338. Tomato, basil, mozzarella frittata; vanilla cinnamon Freedom Toast; apple chicken sausage.
  1339. Front lobby.
  1340. Back lobby.
  1341. Turkey bacon wrap, basil chicken pasta salad, iced tea in my own mug that won't go into a landfill.
  1342. This is why you're fat, America.
  1343. An example of why I avoid the processed food section. I didn't even know this existed.
  1344. Chicken dumpling; chili with cheddar; corn, bacon, potato chowder; white bean chili. #SoupFest
  1345. The "soup's on" call just went out and there's already a line.
  1346. John is making dumplings for the soup. From scratch. In the office. This guy doesn't screw around.
  1347. I see today is going to be a Soup Fest at work.
  1348. White coconut cupcake with mango lime buttercream and toasted coconut.
  1349. Eating the sorbet I made for the restaurant (fresh batch of lemon basil).
  1350. Penne in bolognese. And some meatballs for good measure. And Italian sausage just to be safe.
  1351. Bocconcini salad to start.
  1352. Testing another picplz feature.
  1353. Testing a picplz feature...
  1354. Jeremy is sporting a giant Wendy's Frosty, filled with Reese's Pieces. Kind of awesome.
  1355. Decisions...
  1356. Plaque next to @CentralTerminal lamp in Hong Kong cafe. Photo taken yesterday.
  1357. 7' high lamp from @CentralTerminal from Buffalo. In a cafe in Hong Kong. My brother took this yesterday.
  1358. Taiwanese sweet potato cookies, Singaporean butter coconut biscuits, Japanese peanut mochi.
  1359. I think I may have my next sorbet flavor...
  1360. Ego meets quasi-dramatic lighting. I am all about myself today.
  1361. Minty mocha, this time from the lovely and talented Heather.
  1362. Free cookies!
  1363. yep. angels.
  1364. Nice view from down here.
  1365. It's too bright to see if I got a shot of the snow angel.
  1366. 10 degrees and snow angels.
  1367. Potato, tomato, spinach, onion frittata; buttermilk pancakes; English muffins; clementines.
  1368. Movie night halftime break to kill all the lights and watch the snow fall.
  1369. I challenge you to find one grain of quinoa pilaf. This is how you DO IT.
  1370. Pan-seared duck breast, quinoa pilaf, spinach, orange balsamic reduction.
  1371. Mac-n-cheese: parmesan, Swiss, spinach, asparagus.
  1372. Finally about to get my food on here.
  1373. Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti, Weihenstephaner Hefeweiss Dunkle.
  1374. It's a bit chilly out, enjoying hanging out with warm drinks away from the house.
  1375. Awesome candy cane cocoa made by the awesome Justin.
  1376. Is there something wrong with me that I find this funny? It should say "eat out."
  1377. A pair of limoncello sorbet and a profiterol custard.
  1378. Two bracciole specials, scallop special, eggplant parm.
  1379. Cream of asparagus soup, bocconcini salad, house salad, calamari appetizer.
  1380. The Webster burger.
  1381. Lunch with @bevcoasters, who brings his own coasters.
  1382. Watching @speljamr eat.
  1383. Cheesecake for breakfast!
  1384. Gingerbread Matt. Or Bob. Or Art -- if you hang him on a wall.
  1385. Rice pudding, apple cake, giant gingerbread man.
  1386. Beef chunk chili (I skipped the vegetarian chili).
  1387. Family holiday (food) festivities continue.
  1388. Even I am horrified at my gluttony. Dark chocolate sorbet.
  1389. Dessert! Chocolate cake and fruit-covered cheesecake.
  1390. Pork!
  1391. Pasta first course!
  1392. No hot chocolate today. I am wounded. And thirsty.
  1393. Here I come...
  1394. Considering my dinner choices from our new vending machines.
  1395. Got the bolognese again, it was that good.
  1396. At least I got chicken!
  1397. So hungry...
  1398. The pizza gods smile upon me today.
  1399. To all my friends down south, once again: Greetings from Snowy Buffalo! hah!
  1400. I ordered all this pizza for me, but everyone seems to think I am sharing...
  1401. It doesn't look half bad out. Just dark enough to remind me it's after 5pm.
  1402. Turkey, apple, cranberry, brie sandwich with side of pineapple from Chris' Sandwich Co.
  1403. Eating both coconut and raspberry sorbet while watching the premier of The Cape.
  1404. My parents got the @Google tech support kit I had sent.
  1405. Vanilla cinnamon freedom toast, tomato broccoli shallot frittata, cinnamon white & sweet potato home fries.
  1406. Fresh batch of coconut sorbet. I may have gone a little heavy on the vanilla bean.
  1407. Ladies and gentlemen, Eye Candy Burlesque Troupe.
  1408. The beer is helping the crowd as much as the dancers.
  1409. Enjoying some organ music before the performance.
  1410. I've always dug the theatre. I may get distracted from the show.
  1411. For dessert: burlesque.
  1412. Almond tart of awesome almondiness.
  1413. Tenderloin, asparagus, baked onion, mashed spuds, cranberry applesauce, broccoli carrot almonds.
  1414. Parsnip, apple, cardamom, curry soup.
  1415. Pot rack watch, day 2: still attached, gravity lying in wait.
  1416. Fresh vanilla soup for dinner!
  1417. Sweet! The pot rack made it through the night and hasn't fallen (yet).
  1418. Hot chocolate and an agenda. All the things you need for a good meeting.
  1419. Are we not men? Apparently we now get @ThinkGeek catalog at work.
  1420. Bolognese: veal, pork, beef in rich tomato sauce with fresh bocconcini mozzarella.
  1421. 5 guys (inc a Joe Mantegna look-alike), 4 iPads and 1 netbook. I'm the one kicking it old-school.
  1422. At @TEDxBuffalo meeting (w/ remote attendees) eating chicken soup. I think I can now write off the soup.
  1423. Homemade raspberry sorbet. About as awesome as something can be while still legal.
  1424. Cheese & bean nachos, steak fajitas, grilled veggie wrap, veggie burrito. Gluttony.
  1425. Chips & salsa while we select our meals.
  1426. Critiquing terrible title case from designer on Trevor Horn CD over homemade lemon basil sorbet.
  1427. I think they stole this idea from me this morning.
  1428. Broccoli, sweet potato, shallot frittata; buttermilk pancakes; pint-sized mimosas. New year brunch.
  1429. Prosecco and freshly-made lemon basil sorbet to ring in the new year.
  1430. The electric tower just blew a gasket! Happy new year!
  1431. 2011
  1432. Watching some ice skating, keeping my eye on the new year ball.
  1433. Wandering around downtown a bit before the ball drop.
  1434. Band doing Police covers while we await the inevitable ball drop.
  1435. Soup? In nearly 5 hours I'll see if my new recipe works...
  1436. If I ever need glasses, I want the lenses put in these goggles.
  1437. Free food to ameliorate some of the horror of being dragged to a mall.
  1438. This stud finder must be defective. It can't find the lumber in my walls, either.
  1439. My totally sweet #Buffalo nickel cufflinks I broke in today. By Heather Mordaunt, local artist.
  1440. Requisite after-dinner limoncello.
  1441. Hippie apple pie, ice cream and speculaas.
  1442. Fabada -- all imported ingredients.
  1443. Hey @ThinkGeek, the Tannenbomb I gave my bro has been going non-stop since Dec. 24.
  1444. #bfloaddy #addybflo Awkward. At least I'm famous now with all those tweets.
  1445. Got a b-boy on my #bfloaddy poster. I think I see him at the monthly Battle at @VerveDance.
  1446. It's hard to see the screen in sunlight. But the entrance to my building looks nice.
  1447. Bracciole special.
  1448. Italian wedding soup.
  1449. The @SMCBuffalo, @whereslloyd and City Wine (@ericbuffalo) crew responsible for #TacoVino.
  1450. There's a good line for @whereslloyd tacos at #SMCBuffalo's #TacoVino event.
  1451. Moving on to the wine part of #TacoVino.
  1452. Duck tacos from @whereslloyd for #TacoVino.
  1453. The @whereslloyd truck is parked and setting up for #TacoVino.
  1454. Just arrived for #TacoVino with #SMCBuffalo and @whereslloyd.
  1455. Wiss takes on the role of Max Headroom tonight, complete with audio artifacts.