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Spicy British chicken soup (?)

Spicy British chicken soup (?)
This pic was taken with an Android phone on February 22, 2011.
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  • Chocolate chip pancakes, banana maple syrup; red pepper, onion, cheddar eggs; red pepper home fries; ham; espresso.
  • Keeping my pimp hand strong with some hand-whipped foam on my chai latte.
  • Spicy British chicken soup (?)
  • Hey @BuffaloFirst, friend trapped on IE7 due to corp policy but you refuse her entry to your site without IE8. Why?
  • So @BuffaloFirst site is accessible in Lynx, but blocks me if I use IE6, IE7. Why?
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  • My totally sweet #Buffalo nickel cufflinks I broke in today. By Heather Mordaunt, local artist.
  • Got a b-boy on my #bfloaddy poster. I think I see him at the monthly Battle at @VerveDance.
  • Wha???
  • Hey @ThinkGeek, the Tannenbomb I gave my bro has been going non-stop since Dec. 24.
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