Daniel, I noticed that you did not provide the address of your site, which is fine but telling.

I am glad you have received positive feedback, but frankly I am wary. Everyone I have spoken to who has a disability and has used the accessiBe overlay has had a problem with it. If you search on Twitter you will see many have raised issues and continue to do so.

You may not have heard negative feedback about your site because users who struggle will simply leave your site instead of wasting their time (see Click-Away Pound). This is even more true if the methods to offer feedback are just as inaccessible. Making the assumption that no complaints means all is well, in the face of overwhelming technical flaws and vocal detractors, is called confirmation bias, particularly when there is already a sunk cost.

I encourage you to read Honor the ADA: Avoid Web Accessibility Quick-Fix Overlays to see feedback from disabled users.