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Social Media Spam Sorta-Infographic

Today’s sorta-infographic contains four pie charts, one of which is supposed to show a range, and the other three are ostensibly based on 12 hour clocks. Despite it’s clip-art-style graphics, it does provide some pretty interesting factoids and comes with accompanying text to explain the graphics and provide more details.…


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Followers, Likes and +1s as Meaningless as Hits

One of my un-fondest memories from my early days of web development was the constant client request for web site counters at the bottom of a new web site. Trying to explain to clients that showing a rather low number of visitors might not be something they want to brag…


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Another Piece Claiming Social Media Makes You Dumber

I had started a post last night about a recent report that Facebook and Twitter (and probably all social media based on how it’s worded) is generally dumbing people down. Then I watched and read reports of the London riots and saw media outlets in the United States, as well…


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Social Media Day 2011 in Buffalo #smdayBUF

Last night marked the second Mashable-sponsored Social Media Day here in Buffalo. With 154 RSVPs for the event, the venue, The Eights Bistro, saw a steady churn throughout the night as people came and went (but mostly came and stayed). If you were not there then you can catch up…


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Find QR Code Mistakes Before Making Your Own

The local AAF chapter here in Buffalo, Advertising Club of Buffalo, presented a primer on social media in its monthly AdLab event a couple nights ago. At the request of members, QR codes made an appearance on the topic list at the end of the presentation. While I could discuss…


Tags: mobile, QR, rant, social media, UX

A Little More on Klout and My Magical Gift

The graphic above shows my Klout score as of today. Not only did my number jump dramatically, I also shifted from being an Explorer to being a Specialist. That corresponds to a two column jump in the Klout 4×4 graph of social influence. I don’t know how that is measured,…


Tags: Klout, rant, social media

Social Scoring As the New SEO

Lately I have noticed that Klout is getting a lot of traction in discussions about social media. It may be that there is just more coverage, or the name has started to penetrate to more users, or the idea of social scoring is becoming more interesting to marketers. It’s also…


Tags: Klout, SEO, social media

Does Your Klout Score Mean Anything?

I tend to be wary of anything that reviews what I write and offers to spit out a score of how valuable it is. Just as I have mistrust for web sites that claim to be “Bobby Validated” for accessibility (I’m dating myself a bit there), or personality tests that…


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Is RSS at Risk?

I spent about a thousand words explaining RSS before I realized that, for the most part, if you are reading this blog I have to guess you have some familiarity with it (at least by just having heard of it). If you need some background, Wikipedia has a pretty good…


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Making and Using QR Codes (at

This article was originally posted on, an online resource for web developers, maintained by web developers. I have granted the right to use this article on its web site, and it is the only entity with the right to reproduce it. If you happened to spend any time…


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Color Has a Gray Pallor

Color is the newest social media application on the block, launched just after SxSW and relying on proximity-based media sharing instead of a friend model. Founded by names from other successful ventures along with $41 million in funding, Color seemed poised to storm the social media market. One day after…


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Recent(ish) News on Google, Bing, SEO/SEM

I have written many times here about SEO/SEM and how so much of it is sold to organizations by scam artists (though I recoil at the thought of calling them “artists”). Too often it includes demonstrably false claims, like how meta keywords and descriptions will help your site and that…


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