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Facebook Stalks Twitter

It’s been a busy day over at Facebook HQ. They have announced three new features/applications that are either influenced directly by Twitter or can be viewed as direct competitors to features of Twitter.@Replies in Status UpdatesA compelling feature of Twitter is the ability to either respond directly to another Twit…


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Ning Apps Launch

Ning has announced today on their blog that Ning Apps have launched.We use the Ning platform to run the Ride for Roswell community site (RideConnect) and for the QuantumCMS forum (QuantumCMS is Algonquin Studios‘ web content management system, for which I am responsible, so go sign up with us). Having…


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Facebook Doesn’t Make You Smarter, Rigorous Research Does.

This article was originally posted on, an online resource for web developers, maintained by web developers. I have granted the right to use this article on their web site, and they are the only entity with the right to reproduce it. Yesterday posted an article titled “Psychologist:…


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