Social Media Day 2011 in Buffalo #smdayBUF

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Last night marked the second Mashable-sponsored Social Media Day here in Buffalo. With 154 RSVPs for the event, the venue, The Eights Bistro, saw a steady churn throughout the night as people came and went (but mostly came and stayed).

If you were not there then you can catch up with some of the activity by viewing the Twitter stream, tagged with #smdayBUF. There were many photos throughout the evening, and as some of the albums start to show up I will link them here. If you have one you want linked, please pass it along. This includes any video or news coverage.

Social Media ClubThis year’s event was organized by the Buffalo chapter of Social Media Club. The Buffalo chapter is less than a year old and has many of the members that helped organize the event last year, plus many newcomers. This year the event enjoyed a greater turnout and more people who can claim that social media is an official part of their jobs now, when even just a year ago many organizations were still just dabbling. Thanks for this year go out to (yes, I am just using their Twitter handles): @buffalogal, @k8creative, @dangigante, @ecollins7, @ashleiJ, @Isimon33, @aaronpsmith, and @djlopro

The list of sponsors is pictured below, and they were all kind enough to generate door prizes, services, time and effort.

List of Social Media Day Buffalo sponsor logos.

In addition to all this fun, I decided to follow someone around who was capturing video of the event on her phone, making for a nice, pointless, unnecessarily loud video of my own (if you are at work, turn down your speakers before playing it):

As I said above, if you have your own images, videos or links, please send me the links or comment below.

Photos and Videos

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Phew. One surfaced video without me in it. #SafeForNow

For real, though, can't wait to see more. Love the post! @buffalogal, @k8creative, @dangigante, @ecollins7, @ashleiJ, @Isimon33, @aaronpsmith, and @djlopro deserve awards for this event.

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