Thanks, Adrian, yeah I think I follow your logic for the most part.

I thought I’d elaborate on my original message with a few more thoughts in response to your comment:

1. My definition of a comboxbox is that it’s a mix of a text box and select box. The user can type into it or open up the options and select one. Suggestions do not appear as the user types.

2. My definition of an autocomplete is it’s primarily a text box that users type and get suggestions.

3. I think there’s certainly cross over between (1) and (2). For example, with an autocomplete I think the user should be able to just scroll the options without typing anything like a combobox.

4. While a good autocomplete will forgive typos and include variants, I don’t think that’s the defining characteristic of an autocomplete. By that I mean a datalist is a bad autocomplete, but an autocomplete nonetheless.

5. A datalist is restricted to what’s in the DOM, yes. But we can, for example, dynamically update the DOM in response to an AJAX call so I’m not sure how relevant that is.

Keen to hear your thoughts on the above.