Why should what something is called define its implementation? If the goal is to have a control that allows the user to choose a single item from a list of items then why would you call it a “select” if it’s implemented using the HTML control and “ARIA Listbox” if it is implemented with ARIA? Functionally, and maybe even visually, the two implementations may appear identical, but if the team is forced to refer to them separately as distinct controls then you begin to introduce inconsistencies into specifications and business requirements.
To me, this type of issue, when it exists in software projects, is best handled by identifying and naming the patterns in use so that everyone can use the same shared language. If a team/organization wants to call a “select” a “picklist” then that should be ok as long as everyone involved has a shared understanding of what a picklist is, how it functions, its implementation requirements and how it is different from other similar controls.