Booster Conference Slides: Making Your Site Printable

I’ll fill this up with notes and other content later, but in the meantime here are the slides from my talk this morning:

I’ve written a bunch of handy stuff on print styles, here are some links (or you can see all posts tagged print on my blog) along with other resources (most of this is referenced in my slides):

The Twitters

Booster had a lot of activity on Twitter (not just about my talk, imagine that). I’ve collected some of the tweets below.

Feedback (Added 26 March 2015)

I got feedback from my talk, and it was overwhelmingly positive. Consider mine was the first lightning talk of the first session of the first day immediately after the keynote, I’m just pleased people took a moment to vote.

Voting consisted of asking attendees to drop a colored card into a basket representing my talk. There were three options. I got 15 green cards (it was amazing), 4 yellow cards (it was okay), and no red cards (I didn’t like it).

Only one person left a comment, which was Talked too fast. I cannot disagree with that. With 10 minutes to cover 42 slides and do so to an audience of non-native English speakers, I’m thrilled I only received that comment once (though I suspect many others agreed).


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