Speaking at Avega Group in Stockholm

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Rounding out my European tour (I’ll be at Booster in Bergen and ACE! in Krakow) is a speaking gig not at a conference. I’ve been grabbed by the fine folks at Avega Group to speak to their team in Stockholm on the evening of March 19.

I’ll be speaking about accessibility not just to Avega Group, but apparently whomever else might like to attend who is in the area. There is a Google Form you can fill out if you would like to attend (it’s after business hours, so it needn’t eat into your day too much).

The abstract from my talk:

We can all pretend that we’re helping others by making web sites accessible, but we are really making the web better for our future selves. Learn some fundamentals of web accessibility and how it can benefit you (whether future you from aging or you after something else limits your abilities). We’ll review simple testing techniques, basic features and enhancements, coming trends, and where to get help. This isn’t intended to be a deep dive into ARIA, but more of an overall primer for those who aren’t sure where to start nor how it helps them.

More information is on the Google Form, which I have also embedded below:

If you will be in the area, here’s a map of Avega Group’s venue:

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