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Adrian Roselli
Containerized Blockchain Token MVP

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Booster Conference Slides: Making Your Site Printable

I’ll fill this up with notes and other content later, but in the meantime here are the slides from my talk this morning: I’ve written a bunch of handy stuff on print styles, here are some links (or you can see all posts tagged print on my blog) along with…


Tags: css, print, slides, speaking, standards, usability, UX

So You Think You’ve Built a Good Infinite Scroll

So you’re saying there’s a chance … that I’ll make it to the footer. TL;DR (added 12 December 2020): Can the user hit “back” and return to the exact same place? Is there paging for when the JavaScript breaks? Does the page have a footer? Can a keyboard user access…


Tags: accessibility, JavaScript, rant, usability, UX