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Social Media Goals for the New Year

Every year I think people will start to get the hang of social media. After all, it’s really not much different from what we’ve done as a society forever, just more rapid-fire. Every year I am proven wrong. Perhaps we need to consider better behavior on social media as a…


Tags: Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Plus, privacy, rant, social media, Twitter

2012 Advent Calendars for Web Devs

Now that the (Western, my favorite) holiday season is upon us, the tradition of advent calendars whose chocolate is replaced with web-related tips and articles is back. This year’s crop is missing some from last year, but there’s still good stuff to be found. If you know of any others,…


Tags: accessibility, css, html, internet, JavaScript, usability, UX

New Main Element Approved, then Blocked

When I saw main proposed as an element a few months ago (or content or maincontent as alternate names), I didn’t think the process to fold it into the HTML specification would move very quickly. Much to my surprise on the W3C HTML Working Group mailing list the main element…


Tags: accessibility, browser, html, standards, W3C, whatwg

Network Solutions and Dark Patterns

We should be familiar with anti-patterns in user interface design — counter-intuitive or ineffective user interface techniques. Dark patterns are user interface design patterns that intentionally try to steer users into taking actions that are in the best interest of the site owner, not the user. Sadly, users encounter these…


Tags: design, NetSol, rant, usability, UX

Ignoring Social Media This Thanksgiving

Past Thanksgivings Three years ago I wrote a post describing how I used social media during my 2008 Thanksgiving dinner (mostly to keep my guests pacified in my tiny house while I considered cooking a turkey with a pencil torch). To my family it was novel to watch people across…


Tags: mobile, rant, social media

Social Media Profile versus a Web Site

This image gleefully stolen from The Page That No One Will Ever See. Now it may be a seen page. Yesterday an eye-catching headline popped up in my Twitter feed: 6 Reasons Facebook and Twitter Are More Important Than a Website (which is a different message than the author’s “infographic”…


Tags: Facebook, rant, SEM, SEO, social media, standards, Twitter, usability

Confusion in Recent Google Updates

Google pushed out some updates recently which have had SEO experts and spammers, as well as the average web developer or content author, a bit confused. It seems that some sites have been losing traffic and attributing the change to the wrong update. It also seems that some of this…


Tags: Google, SEO

My WordCamp Presentation: Content Strategy

On Saturday, October 20, 2012, I spoke at the first ever WordCamp Buffalo. I am a casual WordPress user, not a developer, though my decade-and-a-half experience with multiple blogs and content management systems (even writing our own CMS at Algonquin Studios) gives me plenty of insight into the overall process…


Tags: project management, slides, speaking

SEO Isn’t Just Google

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in Buffalo’s first WordCamp for WordPress users. Before my presentation I made it a point to sit in on the other sessions that were in the same track as mine. When discussing SEO, all the sessions I saw mentioned only Google.…


Tags: analytics, Bing, Google, rant, search, SEM, SEO, Yahoo

Speaking at WordCamp Buffalo

Having returned late last night from a six-timezone jump and an almost complete disconnect from technology, in just two days I’ll be back up to full strength as I speak at WordCamp Buffalo on Saturday, October 20, 2012. Some information about the event from the site: WordCamp Buffalo is a…


Tags: speaking

Chromatic Type with Pseudo Elements

Typography on the web has come a long way from the days of a handful of web-safe fonts, six sizes, and little other control. With the ability to embed custom typefaces in web pages and exert a great deal of control via CSS, it was a matter of time before…


Tags: css, design, fonts, html, pattern, typefaces

Recent W3C HTML5 Updates

I’ve been a member of the W3C HTML Working Group for a month now and appear to have joined at a point when there is a push to get HTML5 wrapped up as quickly as possible. While we all (should) know that HTML5 as it is referenced in the media…


Tags: html, standards, W3C