My WordCamp Presentation: Content Strategy

On Saturday, October 20, 2012, I spoke at the first ever WordCamp Buffalo. I am a casual WordPress user, not a developer, though my decade-and-a-half experience with multiple blogs and content management systems (even writing our own CMS at Algonquin Studios) gives me plenty of insight into the overall process of blogs. I’ve also got the experience of helping clients who are not technical get past the mechanics of web sites and instead focus on the business and goals of their sites.

I figured this made me uniquely suited to discuss content strategy to a room full of WordPress authors (not developers). I suspected I’d be less likely to get bogged down in implementation discussions and lose attendees in the technical bits.

And I so set about creating the presentation you see here. I knew nothing of my audience — how many there would be, how technical they would be, what businesses they represented, if they were casual users, if they had simple blogs or full sites, if there were copywriters, and so on. Not knowing your audience is a huge problem when developing content (I even address that early on in my slides).

All that being said, please enjoy my presentation:

Content Strategy

My presentation is now on (as of Nov. 14, 2012). You can also enjoy the embedded version of it below.

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