Patent Wars Sorta-Infographic

I’m giving in to the cool hip trend of infographics that has been popping up like pinkeye across blogging and tech sites lately. These infographics are typically nothing more than data points (sometimes just narrative) strewn about with mathematically suspect charts or somewhat-related design elements. But they seem to draw traffic, even when there isn’t even data to graph (Browsers as Wrestlers “Infographic”). So I am using my lack of shame to power through this long weekend with three posts of three infographics from other sites.

In today’s installment I am posting an infographic that has some (imprecise) charts and a couple process maps outlining the current state of patents called Patent Wars: A New Age of Competition. You can find the original image at Business Insurance Quotes site, where it has no accompanying explanation or background.

Image of patent wars, no accompanying text available.
Image of patent wars, no accompanying text available.


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