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Adrian Roselli
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A Response to Thoughts on HTML5

This is a response to Thoughts on HTML5 by Janus Boye over on Medium. You can read this response on Medium as well. At the time of this writing, there is one response to my comment. I am re-creating it here because I feel strongly that relying on a third-party…


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My Slides from Accessibility Camp NYC

If the embedded slides are not working, you can get to them directly at SlideShare. There is also a video of my talk (and all the other talks) available, or you can watch it below: Errata Note that I adjusted slide 89 before I posted it to SlideShare, thanks to…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, css, design, html, slides, speaking, standards, usability, UX, W3C, WAI, WCAG

Use Only One <main> on a Page

That’s it. That’s the meat of the post. The title covers it all. You don’t need to read any further. You are, of course, welcome to continue since I spent all this time writing it. Definition For those who aren’t familiar with <main>, the element is intended to be a…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, usability, UX, W3C, WAI, whatwg

Use On-Page Image Descriptions

I feel I need to manage your expectation that this post is mostly about the longdesc attribute, that I voted for bringing it from HTML4 into HTML5, and that I know this is a polarizing topic among, well, anyone who has an opinion on it. Now for the TL;DR: based…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, standards, usability, UX, W3C, WAI

Where to Put Your Search Role

I really spent far too much time re-thinking that title. Please note that HTML now has a <search> element. Please see the March 24, 2023 update below. If you have a search form on your site and you want to be a good accessibility soldier and drop ARIA roles in…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, pattern, standards, W3C, WAI, WCAG

Slides from Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2015

The Paciello Group is holding a full day of free webinars on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. That’s 24 straight hours of talks, which started at midnight (GMT) on Wednesday, May 20 through through midnight (still GMT) on Thursday, May 21. I was fortunate enough to participate as a speaker and…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, slides, speaking, standards, W3C, WAI, WCAG

Selfish Accessibility at Buffalo Unconference

Yesterday I presented a stripped-down version of my Selfish Accessibility talk at Buffalo Unconference. With an unknown audience and a 20 minute timeline, I gutted most of the technical bits and focused on my thesis. I think it was well received. At the end of the talk, I pointed people…


Tags: accessibility, speaking, standards, usability, UX, W3C, WAI, WCAG

Slides: Selfish Accessibility for Avega Group

The slides and video from my talk (a little background). Selfish Accessibility by Adrian Roselli. Insider seminar at Avega Group.— Vera Olsson (@en_surkova) March 19, 2015


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, css, html, slides, speaking, standards, usability, UX, W3C, WAI, WCAG

ACE! Conference Slides: Selfish Accessibility

In addition to the slides, I’ve embedded video of my talk and way too many tweets after that. Video Impressing everyone on the internet, Paul Klipp has already gotten videos from ACE! posted less than 24 hours after the event ended. That’s impressive. I understand his tactic is to upload…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, css, html, slides, speaking, standards, usability, UX, W3C, WAI, WCAG

Speaking at Avega Group in Stockholm

Rounding out my European tour (I’ll be at Booster in Bergen and ACE! in Krakow) is a speaking gig not at a conference. I’ve been grabbed by the fine folks at Avega Group to speak to their team in Stockholm on the evening of March 19. I’ll be speaking about…


Tags: accessibility, speaking, standards, W3C, WAI, WCAG

CSS Bookmarklets for Testing and Fixing

I regularly have to test sites in development, review some third-party site, or just use a site in my day-to-day time wasting (and banking) rituals. I’ve relied on viewing the page’s source or popping into my browser’s dev tools to find a missing element, copy un-transformed text, check for inline…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, browser, css, html, standards, W3C

On Use of the Lang Attribute

Way back in October I noticed this WHATWG HTML bug (26942) where someone asked why do these examples of <html> lack the lang attribute? I thought the answer from Hixie was a bit dismissive and not based on any data or real-world benefits of use, particularly in the context of…


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