Selfish Accessibility: Slides from WordCamp London 2017

I promised to share the slides, so here they are. If the embed is a problem you can go the slides directly on SlideShare.


The video has just been posted (6 June) so I have embedded it with captions. You can also view it at if it does not play well from my site. Also, the audio corrects itself at about 3:25.

Ego Tweets

I believe these are generally positive, but I am not hip to the British way.

Tweets Not about My Talk

Mostly because I am in the photos. Which is weird.

Update: April 9, 2017

The official WordCamp London site has collected a few reviews of the overall weekend: Here’s what the community said about WordCamp London 2017

Pradeep Singh has made his photos from the event available for all (including ones where I swear I put on 20 pounds, or one-and-a-half stone, from lunch alone): WordCamp London 2017 in Photos

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