My Slides from Accessibility Camp NYC

If the embedded slides are not working, you can get to them directly at SlideShare. There is also a video of my talk (and all the other talks) available, or you can watch it below:


Note that I adjusted slide 89 before I posted it to SlideShare, thanks to Dylan Barrell catching a JavaScript error in my example. He made a JSFiddle to demonstrate it:

During the Q&A, I was asked about how to decide when an image gets alternative text. I referenced a decision tree which I removed from my slides. I am happy to say that a link to that decision tree is at the bottom of slide 101, along with a couple others. Or directly, Text alternatives for images: a decision tree along with the verbose HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives</cite>.

Finally, in her talk Svetlana Kouznetsova noted that the number of Americans with hearing loss in the U.S. is closer to 50 million, not the 36 million I cite on slide 11. I did not update my slides because I don’t have a source to verify it.

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The tweets I found that mentioned my talk:

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[…] My Slides from Accessibility Camp NYC: Thanks to Adrian Roselli for posting his slides, notes, and captioned video from his presentation at last week’s Accessibility Camp NYC. Great presentation with lots of tips and resources for making websites more accessible. […]

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