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The Children Are Driving the Bus

The Vercel CEO over on the hell-site tweets: produces the kind of production-grade code that we'd want to ship in our own @vercel products. That was the bar we set for ourselves. At the moment it can output HTML with @tailwindcss and React w/ @shadcn UI. Guillermo Rauch…


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Bulletproofing Embedded Tweets

You may rely on embedding tweets in your posts as a quick and easy way to quote or reference a person or subject. There are two challenges to relying on this, however: A tweet or account may be deleted or go private; The content may not be accessible to users…


Tags: accessibility, html, social media, Twitter

Improving Your Tweet Accessibility

Twitter persists. Even if you have moved to Mastodon, Twitter will persist. As such, we need to continue to ensure it is accessible to all users. This post gathers some tips you can and should use. Hashtags Emoji Unicode Image Alternative Text Embedding Alternative Text in a Tweet Web Interface…


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Twitter Has Alt Text! (with some caveats)

I have a more recent post with instructions on using the feature, along with considerations for emoji, videos, special characters, and the like: Improving Your Tweet Accessibility In an exciting move, Twitter has taken a half step toward making images accessible. I say half step because as of now this…


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We Know You Have Alt Text, Twitter

Users have repeatedly asked for a method to provide alternative text for images on Twitter. Since so many of Twitter’s features today are just codified versions of what the community invented on its own, many of us hoped Twitter would just build some proper support. Instead, Twitter pushes for more…


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10k Tweets Won’t Make Images Accessible

The Twitterverse exploded yesterday with rumors that Twitter is exploring expanding the limit on characters in tweets from 140 to 10,000 characters. In a great example of the hyperbole, The Guardian even reported that Twitter shares plummeted a whole 2% as a result. Seemingly in support of this move, Jack…


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CDC Ebola Response on Twitter Excludes Blind

This is one of the images tweeted by the CDC. The text contrast is 4.53:1, so it barely passes for large text. At this scaled-down size, however, the question text would fail a contrast test for accessibility. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is (or at…


Tags: accessibility, rant, social media, standards, Twitter, usability, UX

One-man Focus Group for Twitter’s Timeline Changes

TL;DR: Twitter is showing tweets in your timeline that people you follow have favorited or just from those they follow. Way below I outline how I have been reacting. Much has been said of Twitter’s recent change to start putting more than just promoted tweets into users’ timelines (such as…


Tags: rant, social media, Twitter, UX

Thanksgiving, Technology, and Just Picking a Fight

My logs tell me that nobody took this 2011 plea seriously. I blame the typeface. Last year on Thanksgiving I made the case for ignoring social media for the day. I felt strongly enough that for the new year I even wrote about some social media behavior goals for the…


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Backing Up Your Social Media

Social media outlets are practically a dime a dozen. Excluding ones that are pretty stable right now (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), most of them will either fail or get bought. The problem is that your data, your content, typically dies when they do. As an individual you might not care too…


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Facebook Graph Search and Lessons from Timeline

Facebook has announced its new Graph Search feature which allows logged in users to search for information across their friend profiles. Facebook even made it a point to set up a page about privacy in the graph search to try to head off concerns from users. In this case, Facebook…


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Social Media Goals for the New Year

Every year I think people will start to get the hang of social media. After all, it’s really not much different from what we’ve done as a society forever, just more rapid-fire. Every year I am proven wrong. Perhaps we need to consider better behavior on social media as a…


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