Obligatory WCAG 2.2 Launch Post

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It seems everybody who dabbles in digital accessibility is blogging about WCAG 2.2 now that it finally went live. This is my obligatory post, but I am not promoting it because there is already so much noise and much of the content is regurgitated.

If you are not aware, WCAG 2.2 became a W3C Recommendation (a standard) on 5 October 2023. That was about a year later than originally suggested. It would have been sooner but for some objections on two WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria. This is part of why all those WCAG 2.2 posts landed immediately — they had already been written and were just waiting since the new WCAG 2.2 SCs were stable.

The launch date was also telegraphed a few days early, so that gave an extra head start.

The only reason to write this post, after all.


I have already written about WCAG 2.2:


More importantly, W3C has written about WCAG 2.2:

Everyone Else

And now some of the others. I am not linking to posts or articles on Medium, LinkedIn, or other inaccessible platforms, nor am I linking to PDFs because really why would anyone do that, and definitely no overlay vendors. These are without any endorsement on my part:

Also, while readers of my stuff know I have been tracking and poking WCAG 2.2 for years now, I am not going to lay claim to having had a hand in it. Unlike others (side-eyes UserWay).

I may add more links later.

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