Paris Web 2023: WCAGmire

Download a 5.3MB tagged PDF of my slides or try the embedded view if your browser displays PDF inline.

I was invited to the 2023 edition of Paris Web as one of two presenters speaking solely English. I did my best to script my talk to hopefully make it easier for the captioners and live translators. As of this writing, I have no idea if they will hate me or not.

I also experimented with using machine translation to replicate the content of many slides into French as a second column. While I tagged them as French in the PDF, I expect they may sound a bit funny with a screen reader. Also, for native French speakers these slides may read a bit funny because, well, machine translation.

The text in the slides is set in Atkinson Hyperlegible. Many of the outdoor images are generated from Midjourney. The PDF is exported from PowerPoint, after confirming reading order and alternative text, and the PDF itself has had no editing other than to add a French language indicator to the French passages.

I use an iframe to embed the slides, but only after the user clicks to do so. Some users have their browser configured to download the slides, so this approach prevents them being pushed a 5MB file just from opening the page. If this is broken or problematic for you, then you should track me down at Paris Web and let me know. Maybe not during my talk, though.

I do not make the PowerPoint file available because my slides have been lifted and used by others before, and I believe they should have to exert at least some modicum of effort to steal from me.

This post is a stub to hold the slides during my talk and will be updated sometime within a few days after my talk with more nuggets.

Updated: 8 October 2023

Post-conference notes about the conference.

I understand videos will be posted at some point. I am going to make English captions for my talk as well, and when everything is together I will link it to this post.


As I suspected, some of my machine translations were not good. One was news to me and the other was not. I knew my effort was not proper localization, so I made no claim it would be.

On slide 55 I used collé to mean stuck. I knew it implied being glued in place, but I was running out of time and my other options were gendered or really long.

I understand Myriam Jessier used on of my slides in her talk (with my permission) to show off the dangers of machine translation, but I did not see it.

Overall I made an effort to avoid idioms and try to keep the language less fancy than I typically use. A couple people thanked me for that as well as my effort with the double-language slides. But it was always going to be a gamble. Or a game. Not quite a game of dames, though.

Examples Used in the Talk

The example screen shots used in my talk were not just illustrations. I made those in code to confirm the stuff I was saying was accurate. Granted, I only had to confirm it on Windows in Firefox for the scope of capturing screen shots. Regardless, you can play around with them yourself in the following embedded frame or directly at their own URL.

On the Socials

Assorted posts on Mastodon and Twitter that feed my ego. The first one, however, is me showing the venue. Hidde used my photo of the empty hall in his talk (slides 58 and 59).

There was plenty of activity on the hashtag, though I found more on Mastodon than Twitter. That made me happy.

Update: 11 January 2023

The video from my Paris Web talk is online, with both English and French captions. For ease of something or other, I have embedded the Vimeo video here as well.



It was very instructive to learn about the “gaps” in the WCAGmire!
Note: do you think you could add to your slides of examples when they fail or validate the criteria?
Also, indeed there are a few funny translations, let me know if you want help setting them straight

Natacha Madeuf; . Permalink
In response to Natacha Madeuf. Reply


Note: do you think you could add to your slides of examples when they fail or validate the criteria?

During the talk I explained which examples fail and which examples pass. Are you asking me to add those statements to the slides? If so, I can add them to the body of the post instead when I power up my computer again (which hopefully will not be for a few more days).

Also, indeed there are a few funny translations, let me know if you want help setting them straight

I know of two. Collé was a conscious decision on my part because it was short and the idea of glued in place seemed fitting. Stef Walter told me about dames, which was both unintentional and hilarious. I am happy to hear more!

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