Source Order Viewer in Canary

Don’t tell anyone. This may be a secret. But I am really excited, as no person should ever be over something this mundane.

Check this out (and then read on for what is happening here):

The accessibility inspector in the Chrome Canary dev tools showing a checked source order option, with the sections of the page numbered to show their relative order in the code.

The alt text gives it away, but look in the lower right corner. In the accessibility inspector in the dev tools is a section, Source Order Viewer, and there is a checkbox for Show source order.

The Microsoft Edge team added this as a result of my years’ long campaign for a source order viewer to be built into the browser dev tools. It is not done yet. There will be more formal documentation and more testing. But it is in Chrome Canary today and you can try it, coming to Edge soon.

I made this video pitch in late 2019 for Microsoft’s “The Web We Want” initiative and it was picked by the audience and the judges (YouTube version if the embed does not load):

Jump to roughly 3:46 in the video above to see how my bookmarklet corresponds to the screen shot at the start of this post. Cool, huh?

Still from the video showing each piece of content outlined and numbered, matching the numbering from the Canary example.
Still from the video.

Links to the sites and pages referenced in the video:

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1.3.2 Meaningful Sequence — Level A
2.4.3 Focus Order — Level A
Accessibility Insights
C27: Making the DOM order match the visual order
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CSS Grid Generator
Tweet from Jen Simmons
Feature Request for Firefox Grid Inspector: Source Order
Bug 1415410: Add source order visualization to grid inspector
#394: Reading order visualization
Schedule | YGLF Lithuania
Reading Order Bookmarklet

Update: 14 August 2020

I checked this morning and the source order viewer is in Edge Canary.

The accessibility inspector in the Edge Canary dev tools showing a checked source order option, with the sections of the page numbered to show their relative order in the code.

Update: 9 September 2020

This feature has landed in Edge Dev 86. I wrote about it in a non-RSS-only post: Source Order Viewer in Edge 86

Update: 15 September 2020

Microsoft put together a more formal announcement at Introducing Source Order Viewer in the Microsoft Edge DevTools. It has some video examples and instructions to enable it.

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