Slides: DevOpsDays Buffalo

The first DevOpsDays Buffalo conference just wrapped up and it was great inaugural local event for an international conference brand. The organizers did a great job and it was encouraging to see so many local companies sending groups and teams, not just one or two people. It was also a great venue.

I co-sponsored the conference, at the lowest level because I am just one person, and requested my sponsorship dollars be allocated to the live captioning.

DevOpsDays conferences have Ignite talks, which are five-minute 20-slide presentations where the slides auot-advance every 15 seconds. When one speaker is done, the next had better be ready to go. I was asked if I wanted to give an Ignite talk and, being an idiot, I agreed.

I had no speaker notes and hardly any technical problems. It was at least amusing to cut my Selfish Accessibility talk to 5 minutes and give it a go. I have embedded my slides below or you can view the slides at SlideShare.

There was no video of my talk (for the best) but if you are interested in seeing the full talk then check out the versions from You Gotta Love Frontend and WordCamp Europe 2017.

If this conference runs again next year and you are a local tech company, team, or person then I recommend you attend.

It was also novel running into former employees along with current and former clients, partners, and community members who I rarely see outside of start-up event or meet-up contexts. None of them tried to avoid me once I saw them and made solid eye contact.

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