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Adrian Roselli
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Twitter Has Alt Text! (with some caveats)

I have a more recent post with instructions on using the feature, along with considerations for emoji, videos, special characters, and the like: Improving Your Tweet Accessibility In an exciting move, Twitter has taken a half step toward making images accessible. I say half step because as of now this…


Tags: accessibility, social media, Twitter, usability, UX

CSUN 2016 Recap

I tried writing this on my return flight from CSUN (where I experienced both a temporary mobility impairment thanks to no elbow room in coach to type, and a visual impairment because I could not get the guy behind me to close the shade to prevent glare on my screen).…


Tags: accessibility

Be Wary of Accessibility Guarantees from Vendors

In my ~20 years of responding to RFPs/RFQs, once organizations started to realize the value of accessibility (or fear of lawsuits), I saw more and more requests include a note on accessibility. In most cases this was just a single line item among many, often with nothing more than a…


Tags: accessibility, overlay, usability, UX

Fringe Accessibility Slides from Booster 2016

I had the pleasure of giving a workshop at Booster Conference 2016 on accessibility. As it was the last slot of the last day, it ended up being more of an interactive talk than a hands-on session, but the audience seemed to appreciate that. Or view it directly on SlideShare:…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, css, html, slides, speaking, standards, usability, UX

We Know You Have Alt Text, Twitter

Users have repeatedly asked for a method to provide alternative text for images on Twitter. Since so many of Twitter’s features today are just codified versions of what the community invented on its own, many of us hoped Twitter would just build some proper support. Instead, Twitter pushes for more…


Tags: accessibility, rant, social media, Twitter, usability, UX