CSUN 2016 Recap

I tried writing this on my return flight from CSUN (where I experienced both a temporary mobility impairment thanks to no elbow room in coach to type, and a visual impairment because I could not get the guy behind me to close the shade to prevent glare on my screen). I also had no innertubes access to link to all the tweets. So you get it a couple days late.

This was my second CSUN. I am glad as hell that I went back, although I am a little sad that I missed meeting up with so many people. Maybe next year I’ll skip all the sessions and just keep office hours outside of Redfield’s.

This is assuming that I don’t make good on my plan to submit a couple talks that I may have written while in other talks this year (I like to channel my frustration with a poor talk into something constructive).

I started with three conference recaps, added more as I found them, and have also linked to the Great Big List of the talks:

Social Media

Mostly my tweets, because ego. You can find all my image posts on Tumblr (tagged CSUN16), but they are mostly food photos. I excluded most of those in my tweets below. Now for the processor-spiking data-plan-killing collection of tweets:

Goodnight #CSUN16.
Goodnight umpteenth affogato.
Goodnight complete lack of sleep.
Goodnight trade show booth I squatted.
Goodnight name tag I stole from someone.
Goodnight redshirt room capacity enforcers.
Goodnight service dogs I really wanted to pet.
Goodnight hotel bartender who served a Hendricks tonic with a lime.

Viking & Lumberjack

I figured I might as well embed the live stream video since I made enough references to it above.

After I left

I flew out Saturday morning, which means I missed both the TPG-sponsored UXathon and the Deque aXe Hackathon. I am really looking forward to the outcome of each, but the tabbed interface paper prototype (linked tweet below) looked compelling.

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