Fringe Accessibility Slides from Booster 2016

I had the pleasure of giving a workshop at Booster Conference 2016 on accessibility. As it was the last slot of the last day, it ended up being more of an interactive talk than a hands-on session, but the audience seemed to appreciate that.

Or view it directly on SlideShare: Fringe Accessibility: Booster 2016

Note: If you came here looking for the slides from my Booster 2015 talk on print styles (I re-used the /Booster short URL here), they are still available at the full URL.

My Own Photos

I took some photos while in town for Booster, both in the conference and kicking around Bergen for a few days. You can check out my photos from the conference on Tumblr, or other photos I took in Bergen (also on Tumblr). Any photos or videos I posted to Instagram are also on Tumblr.


Sadly, while my talk had a couple people taking photos, I found none of them shared to Twitter. So you’ll have to take my word that I was awesome. I did, however, capture a bunch of tweets below.

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