Speaking at Booster Conference in Norway

Booster Conference, 9-11 March 2016, Bergen, Norway

I’m pretty excited to be returning to Booster Conference in Bergen, Norway this spring. Last year I presented a lightning talk on print styles. This year I opted to aim a little higher and submitted a workshop on accessibility. The abstract from my talk:

If you’re familiar with accessibility, you may know some of the basics already. We’ll review some newer or more obscure techniques that can help prime you to look at the new hotness features with a more critical eye. Instead of pushing code techniques, we’ll discuss the logic behind these approaches, giving you the opportunity to turn some of these concepts over in your own head instead of just walking away with a shallow checklist.

Given the generalized nature of the conference (it bills itself as the software conference for the whole team), I am looking forward to speaking to a diverse group of attendees, both as users and developers.

The conference runs from March 9 through the 11th, but I’ll be presenting on day one (Wednesday the 9th). The conference will be held at the Scandic Hotel Bergen City, and again for my own benefit I have embedded a map.

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