Slides from “Selfish Accessibility” at Google

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The kind folks at Google made a video of my talk and posted it to YouTube. I’ve also embedded it below:

I was treated to lunch at a few of the cafes and cafeterias around the office, including a food truck parked on the eighth floor. It was a nice enough day to dine outside on the balcony and enjoy the New York City skyline.

Lunch at the Google office from the 8th floor cafeteria and 8th floor food truck. View of the NYC skyline from the balcony at Google's 8th floor cafeteria.
I managed to push down some pork shoulder and beans & rice, along with some food truck food, all while enjoying the view and getting in people’s way.
Poster I found on the wall at the Google offices promoting my talk.
I found posters promoting my talk scattered around the office. A tour group was coming through and someone explained that Google holds these talks, at which point one of the staff said, And here’s today’s speaker right now! They seemed more impressed than the staff.

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