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Browsers as Wrestlers “Infographic”

Earlier this week CBS News ran the above image on its site in the Tech Talk section (within the topic Wired for Women, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with women) under the article An infographic! If web browsers were wrestlers… As is common nowadays, any illustration with…


Tags: browser, Chrome, Firefox, infographic, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari

Another Piece Claiming Social Media Makes You Dumber

I had started a post last night about a recent report that Facebook and Twitter (and probably all social media based on how it’s worded) is generally dumbing people down. Then I watched and read reports of the London riots and saw media outlets in the United States, as well…


Tags: rant, social media

More on HTML5 as DHTML

Guns don’t kill people, the bullets do that (unless you pistol-whip someone to death, which means you probably ran out of bullets). Similarly HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and even Flash aren’t dangerous on their own, but in the wrong hands and with the wrong motives they can do harm. I wrote…


Tags: Adobe, css, html, JavaScript, rant, standards, W3C, whatwg

Are Patents Killing HTML5 Video?

You may recall from my post in February, WebM, H.264 Debate Still Going, that the H.264 video codec is considered patent-encumbered (which resulted in its dismissal from the HTML5 specification) and Google has argued that its own WebM / VP8 codec is made up of patents it owns, releasing it…


Tags: Google, html, patents, rant, standards, video, W3C, whatwg

A Patent Trolling Primer

The timing on my post yesterday (More Frivolous Patents) was pretty good. The patent trolling issues have been getting some coverage lately in more mainstream press (not just in legal or industry press) which has the potential to actually get noticed by someone (or someones) who can make a change.Unfortunately,…


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More Frivolous Patents

The patent trolling continues, which should really be no surprise. Consider that Nortel put its portfolio of 6,000 patents on the auction block, with Google starting bidding at $900 million dollars only to be beat out by a consortium of Apple, Microsoft, Research in Motion, EMC, Ericsson and Sony for…


Tags: internet, patents, rant, usability

Don’t Let HTML5 Become the New DHTML

This photo represents some of the technologies (pint glasses) that HTML5 (t-shirt) is thought to encompass (drink). The horror of that concept is represented by the hands (defensive wounds coming).I had the pleasure of sharing some pints with Bruce Lawson and Chris Mills last week in London. While discussing what…


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Social Media Day 2011 in Buffalo #smdayBUF

Last night marked the second Mashable-sponsored Social Media Day here in Buffalo. With 154 RSVPs for the event, the venue, The Eights Bistro, saw a steady churn throughout the night as people came and went (but mostly came and stayed). If you were not there then you can catch up…


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Find QR Code Mistakes Before Making Your Own

The local AAF chapter here in Buffalo, Advertising Club of Buffalo, presented a primer on social media in its monthly AdLab event a couple nights ago. At the request of members, QR codes made an appearance on the topic list at the end of the presentation. While I could discuss…


Tags: mobile, QR, rant, social media, UX

A Little More on Klout and My Magical Gift

The graphic above shows my Klout score as of today. Not only did my number jump dramatically, I also shifted from being an Explorer to being a Specialist. That corresponds to a two column jump in the Klout 4×4 graph of social influence. I don’t know how that is measured,…


Tags: Klout, rant, social media

Social Scoring As the New SEO

Lately I have noticed that Klout is getting a lot of traction in discussions about social media. It may be that there is just more coverage, or the name has started to penetrate to more users, or the idea of social scoring is becoming more interesting to marketers. It’s also…


Tags: Klout, SEO, social media

The Logo Using Only CSS

This article was originally posted on, an online resource for web developers, maintained by web developers. I have granted the right to use this article on its web site, and it is the only entity with the right to reproduce it. While spending some time hacking through experiments…


Tags: accessibility, browser, css, design, html, standards, W3C