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Now the Mobile Web Is Dead?

It was barely two years ago that I scoffed when Wired declared the web dead (Enough about the Death of the Web). Fast forward to today and BetaNews refines the claim to just the mobile part of the web: The mobile web is dead. I am immediately suspect of an…


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W3C CSS Odor Module Released

The web was always a visual medium, but with the addition of sound and video it has locked up two human senses. With development of specifications and techniques around vibration, the internet you “feel” is getting closer, too. That leaves only a couple senses left to cover Ever since the…


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Netscape Navigator 2.01 Celebrates 16th Anniversary

As of March 18, 2011 Netscape Navigator version 2.01 has turned 16 years old. Back when it was released in 1996 it was the bees knees. It introduced JavaScript (originally LiveScript), Java support, plug-ins, an email client, auto-dithering, and Live3D. It also provided support for font color, div, wrap, sup,…


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SOPA Blackout Protests Go Forward, So Does SOPA Sponsor

Some of the sites that “went dark” today to protest SOPA and PIPA. Today is the day that a collection of popular web sites, some shown above, have “blacked out” in protest of both SOPA and PIPA. The general public knows very little of these bills, and with only minor…


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Don’t Think SOPA or PIPA Are Dead Yet

Image brazenly stolen from Virtual Shackles where it was posted with more commentary. I could be in violation of SOPA and PIPA by using this image. This image was also referenced in the petition against SOPA. Last week I wrote a post titled “SOPA Sponsor Ignoring the Evidence.” In it…


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Algonquin Studios Gets Local Press

I’m taking an opportunity to brag a little about my company, Algonquin Studios, being featured today in the Business section of our local paper, The Buffalo News. Some of you who read my blog have asked about Algonquin Studios and what we do, and others (or at least the logs…


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SOPA Sponsor Ignoring the Evidence

Pls RT: @senatorreid @chuckschumer @mcconnellpress We need u to stand w the Internet and kill #PIPA via @demandprogress— Tim Berners-Lee (@timberners_lee) January 9, 2012 I tend to avoid addressing politics here or on my Twitter stream, but I think this topic is beyond politics and more about a fundamental…


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Don’t Expect Microsoft’s Auto-Update to Kill IE6

Last week Microsoft announced that it is planning to start upgrading users to the latest version of Internet Explorer that their computers can run (IE to Start Automatic Upgrades across Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7). Web developers for the most part were overjoyed with the notion that IE6,…


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Everything Will Be the New IE6

There seems to be no shortage of people making a comparison to Internet Explorer version 6, or IE6, as the simplest way to declare that something is an impediment to progress. Sometimes the criticism is levied with the understanding that at one point IE6 was the bees knees (In praise…


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Thanksgiving, Social Media and Tech Support

Does this Foursquare map of holiday travel look like a turkey to anyone but me? Three years ago I hosted Thanksgiving at my house, tweeting photos of the bird and small brush fire. Two years ago I wrote a post Enjoying Thanksgiving with Social Media and then wrapped my car…


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Twitter’s Continues UX Failure of Link Shorteners

It’s been a few weeks since Twitter moved to its own link shortening service for tweets. Originally the shortener only kicked in for tweets over 18 characters, but Twitter recently moved to have it affect all URLs in tweets. Twitter’s argument was that this allows Twitter to reduce the number…


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Amazon Silk, Yet Another Web Browser

Amazon’s long-awaited tablet/e-reader was formally announced today, and the conversations about whether or not it will compete the iPad are underway. I don’t much care about that. I am far more interested in the web browser that it includes. Amazon Silk is a new web browser, built on Webkit, and…


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