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Thanksgiving, Technology, and Just Picking a Fight

My logs tell me that nobody took this 2011 plea seriously. I blame the typeface. Last year on Thanksgiving I made the case for ignoring social media for the day. I felt strongly enough that for the new year I even wrote about some social media behavior goals for the…


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On-Demand WayBack URLs

While this may be old news to some of you (just over a week now), I only discovered this weekend that the Internet Archive Wayback Machine can archive a page for you, with its own URL, on demand. Thanks to a tweet from Jennifer Sutton, I came across the post…


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WWW Project Turns 20

Twenty years ago, on April 30 1993, CERN announced the World Wide Web project. While the web existed before then, this was the first time that HTML’s specification was opened up to the general public, allowing anyone to learn how to mark up documents. Eight days and twenty years ago,…


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NCSA Mosaic Turns 20

20 years ago today (yesterday), NCSA Mosaic 1.0 was released (read Marc Andreesson’s announcement on www-talk). Mosaic was the browser that opened the web to the masses, making the web more interesting for people like me. As a college student who used Usenet, FTP sites, struggled with WAIS, Archie and…


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Google Maps: Misbehaving with UA Sniffing

Here’s the TL;DR: Google Maps sniffs a browser’s user agent string. If it finds Internet Explorer on Windows Phone, then it kicks it over to the mobile home page. So let’s be clear. It’s 2013 and one of the biggest companies on the internet is using a sniffer to…


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2012 Advent Calendars for Web Devs

Now that the (Western, my favorite) holiday season is upon us, the tradition of advent calendars whose chocolate is replaced with web-related tips and articles is back. This year’s crop is missing some from last year, but there’s still good stuff to be found. If you know of any others,…


Tags: accessibility, css, html, internet, JavaScript, usability, UX

Let’s Treat Old Browser Users Better

It’s not hard to stumble across diatribes against IE6 (and 7 and 8) users across forums peopled by web developers. As a web developer there is no denying that my desire to play with the new and shiny is hampered by my need to support users on older browsers and…


Tags: accessibility, browser, internet, mobile, rant, usability, UX

Another Anti-IE Gimmick

Internet Explorer has been the whipping boy of the internet for some time now, particularly Internet Explorer 6. Now it seems Internet Explorer 7 may be the new cool target. Australian electronics seller Kogan has decided to impose a “tax” on users of Internet Explorer 7. The justification from Kogan’s…


Tags: accessibility, browser, internet, rant, standards, UX

ICANN Announces Requested gTLDs

A week shy of a year ago now ICANN revealed a process to allow organizations to submit applications for new generic top level domain extensions (in addition to the .com, .net, .org and 18 others excluding ccTLDs). You can get more detail in my post Make Your Own TLD? (I…


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Picplz Shutting Down, as Free Services Often Do

Picplz is a photo/image editing and sharing app/service that has been compared to Instagram and long referred to as the Android alternative (Instagram didn’t support Android until recently). At 10:17pm EST on a Friday night (last night), June 1, Picplz sent out the following cryptic tweet:— picplz (@picplz) June…


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Three Browsers in One: Lunascape

I like to think I’m pretty smart about web browsers, sporting four on my mobile phone and six on my desktop computer in regular day-to-day use. Heck, I even started the browser archive back in 1999 with 80 unique browsers at the time (which I am pimping to the…


Tags: browser, Chrome, Firefox, internet, Internet Explorer, Safari

Exclusion Is a Feature Now

Every day I see examples of web developers allowing their ego to get in the way — trumpeting one browser over another, one technology over another, one methodology over another, and so on. These are typically not based on solid business or technical arguments. This week one stood out to…


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