Slides: Inclusive Usability Testing — a11yTOCamp

I have uploaded my slides from a11yTOCamp to SlideShare. If the embed below does not work, visit them directly.

There were a lot of great talks yesterday, though I only tweeted from a couple of them (and skipped one altogether).

Apparently my only adjective yesterday was “awesome”.

Some of you who attended might have noticed that I started 7 minutes late. A few people seized on the tweet below showing my machine applying a Windows update as the cause. Sadly, it seems the Mac versus Windows schoolyard debate is still alive.

In this case, I had deferred my update all week, refusing to cycle the machine. When the AV set-up was not working (turns out the projector was not on and then was having its own issues with the HDMI connection that was plaguing speakers all day), the tech suggested I reboot.

The update itself happened then, and it was finished well before the project itself was sorted. So, yeah, it was a funny tweet playing on the worst fears of speakers, but if you want to continue to crap all over a platform you don’t use then maybe save it for another tweet.

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