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Google Doodle: Bouncy Balls Aren’t HTML5

When Google changes its logo in honor of a holiday, someone’s birthday, or just for the heck of it, it sometimes gets some chatter. When Google created the Pac-Man logo, articles appeared of people trying to figure out how it worked, or commenting on tech support calls within organizations from…


Tags: browser, css, Google, html, rant, standards, SVG, W3C, whatwg

Google, Arcade Fire Confused on HTML5

In case you haven’t seen the Arcade Fire video, The Wilderness Downtown, you should take a look at it. Google and Arcade Fire got together to show off what Google Chrome could do with all the new gee whiz technology out there, and if you listen to all the major…


Tags: Chrome, css, Google, html, rant, standards, W3C, whatwg, xhtml

Net Neutrality as Seen by Google and Verizon

In the last week there has been a lot of speculation over a deal Google and Verizon were working on regarding net neutrality. First covered by New York Times, refuted in part by Google and Verizon, and later presented as a policy document from Google and Verizon, quite a lot…


Tags: Google, internet, Verizon

Trying Google Font Previewer

I’m going to make the assumption that if you are reading this you have at least a passing interest in typography on the web and have heard about Google’s new font preview tool. There are already plenty of articles talking about how easy it is, how Google hosts the typefaces,…


Tags: browser, Chrome, css, design, Firefox, fonts, Google, html, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, standards, typefaces, WOFF

Google Caffeine Is Live

Late yesterday Google announced the launch of its new web indexing system, Caffeine. According to Google, it provides 50% “fresher” results and is the largest collection of web content it has ever offered.The big push for this new indexing technology is the rise (explosion, really) of real-time data on the…


Tags: Google, search, SEO

Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-On Is Out

That title was more fun to write than I thought it would be.Back in March I mentioned that Google had decided that it would let users opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics (Google to Let Users Opt Out of Analytics Tracking). That day is here. News sites all…


Tags: analytics, Google, privacy

Adobe to Drop iPhone Support, Target Android

And the saga continues. If you read my post Adobe vs. Apple or Flash vs. HTML5 from a few days ago, you already know that Apple and Adobe appear locked in a battle over Flash and the iPhone OS. It’s clear Apple wasn’t planning on backing down and it’s certainly…


Tags: Adobe, Apple, Flash, Google, mobile

Your Site Speed to Affect Its Google Rank

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of SEO and the intersection with Google, then you may have heard a few months back that Google was considering using the speed of a site to affect a site’s rankings. Google has already factored in the speed of a site when…


Tags: analytics, Google, SEM, SEO

Mapping Location-Based Social Media

This article was originally posted on, an online resource for web developers, maintained by web developers. I have granted the right to use this article on their web site, and they are the only entity with the right to reproduce it. If you have been paying any attention…


Tags: Bing, Brightkite, Foursquare, geolocation, Google, Mapquest, social media

Google to Let Users Opt Out of Analytics Tracking

Given all the flak Google has taken recently (see my post yesterday, More Social Media Privacy News), I wasn’t too surprised to see this headline come through from ReadWriteWeb: Google Will Soon Allow You to Opt Out of Google Analytics Tracking.In a blog post from yesterday (More choice for users:…


Tags: analytics, Google, privacy

More Social Media Privacy News

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal technology blog posted an article titled Google Buzz Exemplifies Privacy Problems, FTC Commissioner Says. The outgoing FTC Commissioner said that technology companies, specifically Google, are being too cavalier with the personal data of consumers. While qualifying her remarks as not official FTC comments, she said…


Tags: Buzz, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, privacy, social media

FourWhere: The Spawn of Google Maps and Foursquare

Both ReadWriteWeb (FourWhere Mashes Up Foursquare and Google Maps) and Mashable (Foursquare + Google Maps = FourWhere) are covering the emergence of a new service/site/product called FourWhere. The concept here is very simple — take Foursquare locations and feed them into Google Maps, providing a simple view of all the…


Tags: Foursquare, geolocation, Google, social media