Speaking at WordCamp Buffalo 2016

On Saturday, April 30 I have the pleasure of once again speaking at WordCamp Buffalo. It’s one of the few conferences for which I don’t need to drive very far, take any flights, nor cross any international borders.

That’s not the only selling point, of course.

It’s always a day full of smart people and smart talks, mostly around WordPress (oddly). It is also, in my experience, pretty inclusive of the community as a whole. I know in 2014 the numbers looked better than the industry on the whole:

With the recent news that all code submitted to WordPress core, as well as any themes that get shipped with it, must meet basic accessibility requirements, I will review some techniques you can use to satisfy those requirements. Even if you do not contribute back to WordPress core, these are skills you can (should) use for your client or personal projects.

The schedule isn’t posted yet, but when it is I will probably come back and link to it from here.

This year the event has changed venues from previous years and will be held at Center for the Arts at University and Buffalo’s north campus. I know where it is (I single-handedly blew power to an entire wing while powering up studio lights back in 1992), but I’ve embedded a map for your benefit.

If you haven’t registered yet, get on it while there are still tickets available. If you are lucky, you might even get dunkled.

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