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Adrian Roselli
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Gitter a11ySlackers Sidecar

Animated image of the Gitter sidecar with the a11y Slackers channel embedded on my site. If you are unfamiliar with the a11y Slackers channel on Gitter, I encourage you to read Steve Faulkner’s post, Anybody can be an A11y Slacker. Essentially it’s an alternative to the accessibility channel on Slack.…


Tags: accessibility, usability

Addendum to “The State of Airline Websites” at Smashing Magazine

Last week Smashing Magazine published a lengthy and detailed post titled The State Of Airline Websites 2015: Lessons Learned. While it was an impressive dive into the user experience of each site covered, it left out any aspect of accessibility. Surprising perhaps no one, I got as far as reading…


Tags: accessibility, law, rant, usability, UX

NFL Raises Colorblind Awareness

Not intentionally, of course. Images captured using the Chromatic Vision Simulator app on my phone. The last two images show three different kinds of colorblindness each: protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanopia. The NFL provided a great and highly visible (pun!) case study in how colorblindness affects people and, given football’s wide…


Tags: accessibility, design, usability, UX

Be Wary of Add-on Accessibility

I update this post regularly, but on June 30, 2020 I wrote #accessiBe Will Get You Sued, where I demonstrate that accessiBe’s product generates more testable errors and creates a worse experience. I also document paid news stories, deleting critical comments, and its efforts to undermine WAVE. There is an…


Tags: accessibility, overlay, standards, usability, UX, WCAG