Speaking at Inclusive Design 24 for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The headline really captures it all.

The Paciello Group will be holding a full day of free webinars on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. That’s 24 straight hours of talks, starting at midnight (GMT) on Wednesday, May 20 through through midnight (still GMT) on Thursday, May 21.

I’ll be giving my world-renowned (not really, but at least it’s world-traveled) talk Selfish Accessibility at 2:00AM GMT (10:00PM EDT on the night of Wednesday, May 20). I’m third in the queue and will already be following two great speakers. The abstract is posted on the Inclusive Design 24 site.

If you are struggling with your local time for each of the talks, you can use this handy reference that shows the start time for your current city, or this countdown to the start of the event (which has no bearing on your time zone).

If you are new to Global Accessibility Awareness Day, here is an interview with Jennison Asuncion, one of its creators:

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