HTML5 Developer Conference Slides: Selfish Accessibility

2014 HTML5 Developer Conference

Today I had the pleasure of speaking at the HTML5 Developer Conference in lovely San Francisco. I presented on accessibility and how it relates to you as a current and future user with my presentation Selfish Accessibility. The full abstract:

We can all pretend that we’re helping others by making web sites accessible, but we are really making the web better for our future selves. Learn some fundamentals of web accessibility and how it can benefit you (whether future you from aging or you after something else limits your abilities). We’ll review simple testing techniques, basic features and enhancements, coming trends, and where to get help. This isn’t intended to be a deep dive into ARIA, but more of an overall primer for those who aren’t sure where to start nor how it helps them.

After submitting a couple drafts, and then some furious last-minute editing as some of the specs I referenced were tweaked a bit, I managed to squeeze out 89 slides in ~50 minutes. The slides are embedded below. There will likely be a video of the talk coming on the official site later, though I think they started the camera late.

Selfish Accessibility: HTML5 Developer Conference 2014

Quick links to two items I referenced in Q&A after my talk:

If you attended, thanks! Whether or not you did, make sure to grab the links throughout as well as on the references slides scattered throughout (though mostly at the end).

Update: August 6, 2014

Good news everybody! The video for my talk was just posted at the HTML5 Developer Conference channel on YouTube. For your convenience, I have also embedded it below.

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