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Adrian Roselli
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My Print Styles Article in .net Magazine

Images of the magazine pages featuring my article. The Summer 2012 (#231) issue of .net Magazine has my tutorial on making print styles for your site. Not only did I get four pages, the article got a mention on the front cover (small though it is) and my photo in…


Tags: css, html, print, standards

It’s OK to Use Tables

Baby Boomerangutuang, one of the Tick’s students. He is shouting It’s OK to play with dolls! If you cut your teeth building for the web in the 90s and even into the 00s, then you probably learned to lay out your HTML pages using <table>s. As CSS support and techniques…


Tags: accessibility, css, rant, standards, tables

Codepen Has Handy Sharing Tools for Devs

There are plenty of online resources for playing around with code right in the browser, no server of your own needed, that you can then share with others. I have dabbled in them on and off but Codepen’s recent entrance has a couple additional features that I have found handy.…


Tags: browser, css, html, JavaScript, standards

Let’s Treat Old Browser Users Better

It’s not hard to stumble across diatribes against IE6 (and 7 and 8) users across forums peopled by web developers. As a web developer there is no denying that my desire to play with the new and shiny is hampered by my need to support users on older browsers and…


Tags: accessibility, browser, internet, mobile, rant, usability, UX

Changes to jQuery Browser Support

Currently, up to and including the jQuery 1.9 release (not out yet, but coming), jQuery actively supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6+ Firefox: Current -1 version Safari: Current -1 version Opera: Current -1 version Chrome: Current -1 version According to jQuery’s browser support page, any problem [in these browsers]…


Tags: Internet Explorer, JavaScript, UX

Social Media Day 2012 in Buffalo #smdayBUF

This past Saturday marked the third Mashable-sponsored Social Media Day here in Buffalo. While the last two years have been unofficial (much like the day itself), this year the City of Buffalo declared June 30, 2012 as Social Media Day (the year on the proclamation makes me think this is…


Tags: social media