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Adrian Roselli
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Current(ish) Smartphone Use

I regularly come across reports and studies that talk about how smartphones are a growing platform, outpacing PCs in some markets and/or demographics, essentially re-writing how we use the web. Most of those reports lack hard data or lack solid analysis of that data, however, and fall prey to best…


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Speaking: Accessible Web Apps & Standards

I will be speaking twice in September, both of them sponsored by Infotech Niagara. If you’re in the Buffalo area, these are great opportunities to boost my ego and watch me cruise abandoned plates for food. Developing Coding Standards The first event is Developing Coding Standards, where I will be…


Tags: accessibility, internet, speaking, standards, usability, W3C, WAI, WCAG

More on Hover vs. Touch

If you are an avid reader of my blog (and you are, aren’t you?) then you might recall when I wrote the article UX Challenges in Touch Interfaces over at I discussed how users have become accustomed to using mice and developers have become accustomed to designing for the…


Tags: accessibility, mobile, touch, usability, UX

UB School of Management Talk: Social Media in Business

Last night I had the pleasure to speak to a class from the University at Buffalo School of Management about social media use in business. It gave me an opportunity to distill my experiences with clients and as a consumer into a far-reaching discussion in under three hours. Hardly any…


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Securing Facebook Places (from Your Friends)

Facebook Places is out. It’s the Foursquare / Gowalla / Brightkite / Loopt / etc.-killer. Or so Facebook hopes. All of those services have some pretty clear controls in place to limit how much information you share. Granted, you can mess up even their simple privacy controls and share the…


Tags: Facebook, geolocation, privacy, social media

Enough about the Death of the Web

Wired Magazine released an article on its web site yesterday, The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet, that basically states that the web we’ve all grown to rely on for nearly twenty years is on its way out. There has been a lot of chatter about this over the…


Tags: internet, mobile, rant, Wired

Net Neutrality as Seen by Google and Verizon

In the last week there has been a lot of speculation over a deal Google and Verizon were working on regarding net neutrality. First covered by New York Times, refuted in part by Google and Verizon, and later presented as a policy document from Google and Verizon, quite a lot…


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