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Adrian Roselli
Pre-trained Non-Fungible Model VRML

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Splitting within Selects

The native HTML <select> is renowned for its styling limitations. Even with control over the closed state and trigger appearance, the options themselves are still defined primarily by the browser and the OS. While I think this is generally fine (preferred, even), the <selectlist> (nee <selectmenu>) hopes to change that.…


Tags: accessibility, browser, Chrome, Firefox, html, Safari, standards, usability, whatwg

2.4.11: Adversarial Conformance

This post is part of RSS Club, rewarding those who still use RSS to read and/or share content. These posts are embargoed from my regular post feed and the socials for an arbitrary number of weeks. You can see all the RSS-only posts at Tell your friends (to get…


Tags: accessibility, rant, standards, WCAG

Obligatory WCAG 2.2 Launch Post

It seems everybody who dabbles in digital accessibility is blogging about WCAG 2.2 now that it finally went live. This is my obligatory post, but I am not promoting it because there is already so much noise and much of the content is regurgitated. If you are not aware, WCAG…


Tags: accessibility, standards, W3C, WAI, WCAG