Prototyping Accessibility — WordCamp Europe 2018

WordCamp Europe has wrapped up in Belgrade. I presented a (not quite) three hour workshop on accessibility, specifically designed to be computer-free. I may have re-used a few slides from my presentation at last year’s WordCamp, but overall this is new material with some WCAG 2.1 references thrown in for good measure.

As promised, the slides are embedded below.

If the embed above does not work, or you just find it annoying, view the slides at SlideShare.

Eventually a video of the workshop will be posted, and when it happens and I get it captioned, I will share it here. In the meantime, enjoy a collection of photos of the conference venue, the Sava Center (Сава Центар), that I took with my mobile.


I have embedded the video and paid to have captions made. You can also view it at if it does not play well from my site. I submitted captions there, so hopefully they are in place by the time you read this.

You may notice that a couple times I used the term “wheelchair bound”, which was stupid of me since I know better and even address that wording in some of my talks. While I corrected myself each time I used it, I also felt it was appropriate to drop $20 into The Ableist Jar.


I did not give attendees much opportunity to tweet, so there are only a few here.


Three minute recap of the three day event, with the back of my head at the 11 second mark and then not again.

Update: 30 June 2018

I got a couple references in other wrap-up posts:

For the local view Ivana, volunteer and happy sharer of Serbian facts wrote a piece focusing on the ‘great talks’ and diverse workshops. There was also a shoutout for Adrian Roselli’s mammoth accessibility workshop (with slides).

I guess I was flattered by the word mammoth, though that entire comment really just links to the post that says the following:

Talking more about accessibility, Adrian Roselli held a great three hours workshop on that topic. An interactive and computer-free workshop in which participants were able to learn at the spot what accessibility means and how to implement it. The slides from his workshop can be found on his website and on SlideShare as well.

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