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Adrian Roselli
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Tables, CSS Display Properties, and ARIA

Update: 7 October 2023 Tables with display properties are now functional across Chromium, Gecko, and (finally) WebKit browsers. Barring regressions (which have happened), display: contents is the only style that may cause issues, and that is a function of a poor specification. My post It’s Mid-2022 and Browsers (Mostly Safari)…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, css, html, standards, tables, usability, UX

GitHub Contributions Chart

Perhaps a testament to how little I might value GitHub contributions. GitHub profile pages are, to many, the de facto place to quickly judge the value of a developer. The contributions chart is an at-a-glance visual indicator of that value. I disagree completely with the notion of the chart (or…


Tags: accessibility, css, html, mobile, pattern, standards, usability, UX, WHCM