Sponsoring Accessibility Toronto Conference (#a11yTO)

#a11yTOConf , September 28-29, 2017, Toronto, Ontario

I am pleased to be able to sponsor the first Accessibility Toronto Conference (#a11yTOconf). I get to help the nearest accessibility meet-up group to my home in Buffalo, NY (excluding Buffa11y). On top of that I am helping one of the world’s largest (I think it is the second-largest) make a go of having a more traditional conference after years of running camps.

You can check the footer of the conference site (there are no IDs on the page to link, so scroll down) to see my name (and head) along with all the other generous sponsors. I also have embedded a couple tweets as further proof:

In addition, I am sponsoring one member of the Buffalo chapter of Girl Develop It to attend the conference.

In the interests of full disclosure, I am also presenting a brand new lightning talk at the conference, but I held off on sponsoring until after the speakers were chosen to avoid influencing the selection process.

I am thrilled that Adrian Roselli LLC has had a good couple years and I want to share what I can. My first sponsorship was the role=drinks event that was held in San Diego during CSUN 2017, a11yTO is my second, and I hope to be able to do more.

I do not have a marketing team nor a PR department. I don’t do press releases and I don’t have someone shilling me to conferences or talk shows. But I do have an ego and a blog.

Update: October 4, 2017

I captured a few photos of my sponsorship at the event. Because ego. It is also on Instagram.

The sponsorship board at the event showing all the sponsors, including me. The presentation screen showing the bronze sponsor level with my name, and my three badges (one for TPG, one as a sponsor, one as a speaker).



Hi Adrian,
I saw you at 2016’s a11yTO’s camp and at the conference. I’m a writer, not a coder, so a lot of what you say goes past my reference frame. BUT, you are an amazing, engaging speaker and I’m usually able to extract a few nuggets that are useful to my team.

Really learned a lot and came away engaged. Plus, this year, more than 10 of my fellow employees came to the conference and I know that a bunch of our dev people will go to the camp.

Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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In response to Karen Opas. Reply

Karen, I am beyond flattered. Thank you. Most of my talks are technical and aimed at a technical audience, so I am thrilled you are able to pull anything out of them. I hope your colleagues got something out of the day too, and I hope to see you at all at the camp in November.

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