Slides from A11yTOConf

Before you wade into the slides, please note that all the code / accessibility advice in these slides is wrong. They are just examples. Do not copy them.

If the embed does not work, view it at SlideShare.

The t-shirt I was wearing may have been more popular than my talk. You can get it at RedBubble, designed and posted by Alice Boxhall.

For those who care about these details, my slides use the same typefaces, colors, and effects for the text and code as on Stack Overflow. I use the same colors for the links, but I underline my links.

Tweets for My Ego

I delayed you from feeding yourselves at the break to feed my ego instead. It seemed a fair trade. To further satisfy me ego, here are tweets about my talk.

Update: October 4, 2017

I captured a few photos of my sponsorship at the event. Because ego. It is also on Instagram.

The sponsorship board at the event showing all the sponsors, including me. The presentation screen showing the bronze sponsor level with my name, and my three badges (one for TPG, one as a sponsor, one as a speaker).

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