Slides for Guelph Accessibility Conference

After a two-plus hour drive to Guelph on Memorial Day (in the U.S., not Canada), I attended a full day of talks and hallway conversations at the Guelph Accessibility Conference. I also had the pleasure of presenting in the last slot of the day in the main auditorium.

Feedback was positive, nobody fell asleep (that I could see), and the feedback problem did not rear its head. So, overall a success!

I also managed to bypass a two hour border crossing thanks to some remote coaching to the right bridge and still managed to get back to Buffalo in time to make it to a holiday cookout with the family. So in all, a very productive (and tiring) day.

But that isn’t why you’re here.

The Slides

View at SlideShare (handy if the embed doesn’t work for you).


Yay! Validation (of a sort) from the Twitters!

For Billy’s Talk

I got the title of his talk wrong. Oops.

It was also great to see a shout out to Robert Pearson.

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