Slides from WordCamp Buffalo 2016

Quick warning: I am loading the animations from the slides at the end of this post. Press your browser’s Stop button now if you are on a data cap.

Or just view it on SlideShare.

This came in after I finished and submitted my slides, so I am linking it here. There was an accessibility panel at WordCamp London last week, for which Claire Brotherton provided a recap.

I was asked about Gravity Forms accessibility and promised a link to help make them accessible (please note that I do not use Gravity Forms, so the HTML may be better now and/or this tutorial may not apply). The link: Tips on Making Your Gravity Forms as Accessible as Possible

The WordPress accessibility forums are brand new, so now is your chance to get in on the ground floor and provide the help or ask the questions that your fellow WordPress developers will come to rely on over time.


There may not have been a lot of tweets from my talk (nobody was napping!), but there was still plenty going on during the day.

Animated Images

These are the animated images that were in my slides but which did not survive the transition to SlideShare. They are all quite large and will take time to load. If you want to save on your data plan, hit the browser’s stop button now.

Showing a long description linking to anchor on same page.
Slide 21: Use On-Page Descriptions
The Virgin America home page when used with only a keyboard.
Slide 34: Use :focus Styles
Animation showing a button, input, and anchor all styled to look the same.
Slide 51: <button>, <input>, or <a>
A page at DigitalGov showing the tab order.
Slide 54: Don’t Use tabindex > 0
Animation showing hidden (by ellipses) text being displayed on focus. Animation showing hidden (within a scrolling area) text being displayed on focus, scrolled by arrow keys.
Slide 56: Maybe Use tabindex = 0
Animation showing number fields incrementing by whole and decimal values, with display of delimiter based on lang attribute.
Slide 59: Set lang attribute on <html>
Animation of Firefox 41 tabbing through flex items. Animation of Chrome 45 tabbing through flex items.
Slide 61: Source Order Matters
Showing infinite scroll on Pew Research Center site.
Slide 65: Avoid Infinite Scroll
Flipping between Open Dyslexic typeface and not.
Slide 32: Reconsider Typefaces for Dyslexia

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