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Adrian Roselli
Containerized Non-Fungible Token VTOL

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Linear Gradient Problems in Chrome

Detail of the effect I wanted to re-create with a linear gradient — a gray column, a white narrow gutter, a black vertical line, and the rest as white. I’m going to tell you up front that I don’t have a fix for the issue I am raising, though there…


Tags: browser, Chrome, css, design, html, rant, standards

HTML5 Is Now a W3C Recommendation

I was already pretty excited when I read on the W3C Accessibility Task Force mailing list that the formal objection against longdesc was overruled. But then this — HTML5 is a wrap. I’ve seen some movement on the Twitters (and the W3C HTML Working Group mailing list) over the last…


Tags: html, standards, W3C

Speaking at WordCamp Toronto 2014

Cool Schedule for WordCampTO, even if it does include @aardrian— Karl Groves (@karlgroves) October 23, 2014 On Saturday, November 15 I will be kicking off WordCamp Toronto with my talk “Selfish Accessibility.” In case you haven’t been following my blog, I use the talk to make the case that…


Tags: accessibility, speaking, standards

NAGW Slides: Responsive Web Design Primer

I just finished a webinar for the National Association of Government Web Professionals where I provided an overview of responsive design. I always struggle when I cannot see the audience, but as always my ego carries me through to the end. The slides are embedded here for any and all…


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CDC Ebola Response on Twitter Excludes Blind

This is one of the images tweeted by the CDC. The text contrast is 4.53:1, so it barely passes for large text. At this scaled-down size, however, the question text would fail a contrast test for accessibility. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is (or at…


Tags: accessibility, rant, social media, standards, Twitter, usability, UX

UX Singapore Slides: Selfish Accessibility

Photo of me speaking, fighting the sun, provided by Camilla Choo. Original photo on Twitter. In a departure from the other times I have given this talk, I gutted all the slides with code samples as well as the slides on testing (although I did keep them handy and use…


Tags: accessibility, design, slides, speaking, standards, usability, UX, WAI, WCAG