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Thanksgiving, Technology, and Just Picking a Fight

My logs tell me that nobody took this 2011 plea seriously. I blame the typeface. Last year on Thanksgiving I made the case for ignoring social media for the day. I felt strongly enough that for the new year I even wrote about some social media behavior goals for the…


Tags: internet, social media

Image alt Exception Change Re-Re-Re-Requested

This post is an unexpected follow-up to my post Image alt Exception Change Re-Re-Requested (note one fewer “re-”) from June 2012. Back then, some had called into question the need for alt attributes to be required and ubiquitous on all img tags. Well, guess what — alt is back under…


Tags: accessibility, ARIA, html, standards, W3C, WAI, WCAG

Print Styles Are Media Queries

I have alluded to this point in the past. Usually when I get off on a rant about print styles, I lump it into the overall process of making responsive sites and I use media query formatting in my examples. But I haven’t just flat-out said that print styles are…


Tags: css, print, standards, usability, UX

Captions in Everyday Use

Yesterday Henny Swan asked a simple question on the Twitters: I'm curious to know, who uses subtitles on web content (X device) who's not deaf or hard of hearing? For example I did when breastfeeding.— Henny (@iheni) November 12, 2013 Adam Banks put together a Storify of the responses that…


Tags: accessibility, i18n, internationalization, localization, translation, usability, UX, video, YouTube

WayBack Machine Handler for Your 404 Pages

Last week I mentioned that the Internet Archive WayBack Machine had released a feature to allow custom URLs for on-demand archiving. That wasn’t the only coolr feature it announced. Another nifty feature that the Internet Archive offers is the ability to enhance your 404 pages. You can provide a visitor…


Tags: usability, UX

Tables as Responsive Image Containers

If you’ve been following the latest chaos in the responsive image debate, you may know that there is a battle afoot between supporters of src-n, srcset and picture. If you don’t believe me, I refer you to this WHATWG post, a polite round-up of today’s bar fight. Key is that…


Tags: browser, css, design, rant, W3C, whatwg

On-Demand WayBack URLs

While this may be old news to some of you (just over a week now), I only discovered this weekend that the Internet Archive Wayback Machine can archive a page for you, with its own URL, on demand. Thanks to a tweet from Jennifer Sutton, I came across the post…


Tags: internet, search, speaking