Speaking at WordCamp Buffalo 2013

Official 2013 WordCamp Buffalo banner.

This Saturday I will be speaking at Buffalo’s second WordCamp. Last year was a great day-long event filled with many good speakers (not just me!), so I am looking forward to being an attendee as well.

If you are new to WordCamp Buffalo, a quick overview:

WordCamp Buffalo is a one day conference held in Buffalo, NY focusing on WordPress. Our goal is to increase knowledge about WordPress for people who already are working with it, and show some benefits of using it for anyone who may be interested, but aren’t currently working with WordPress.

As a regular WordPress user with over 15 years experience in content management as a concept and more than a decade experience having built our own multi-lingual enterprise web content management system (QuantumCMS) at Algonquin Studios, my talk should give you skills you can take to any platform. An abstract of my talk, Making Your Site Printable, is on the WordCamp Buffalo site. I’ll post slides here after the talk.

For the talk I’ll be drawing on my 20 years of web development experience, extensive work with responsive design, articles I’ve written for .net Magazine and Web Standards Sherpa, previous talks, my PrintShame site, and Google Analytics. It’s guaranteed to be awesome (guarantees not guaranteed).

Last year I spoke at WordCamp Buffalo on the topic Content Strategy. The slides and video of my talk are online for you to watch, in case you want to make sure I speak well enough to warrant buying a ticket to see me this year.

You can learn more about the other sessions and speakers at the WordCamp Buffalo site. Here’s a handy map:

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