Balancing Act: Features, Budgets & Timelines at Web Standards Sherpa

As of today I am an author over at Web Standards Sherpa. I wrote an article discussing the process of juggling a no-budget, tight-timeframe web site for Buffalo Soccer Club while still trying to adhere to best practices. The article is titled “Balancing Act: Features, Budgets & Timelines.”

I get a chance to talk about responsive design and even rant just a little bit about print styles (the article itself prints well, too). The article also has the nifty ReadSpeaker feature which means that the page can read the article aloud to you in a voice that is entirely unlike mine (at least it’s a male voice by default).

Balancing Act: Features, Budgets & Timelines
Adrian offers insight into the decision process of building a new site for the Buffalo Soccer Club, a not-for-profit with little to no budget and a looming deadline. Read it…

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