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Twitter Improves Site Speed by Dumping Hash-Bangs

Back in September 2010 Twitter changed how its site renders by pushing much of the processing to the web browser using JavaScript and hash-bang (#!) URLs. Today Twitter has announced it is essentially dumping that approach: To improve the experience for everyone, we’ve been working to take back control…


Tags: accessibility, JavaScript, standards, Twitter, UX

Three Browsers in One: Lunascape

I like to think I’m pretty smart about web browsers, sporting four on my mobile phone and six on my desktop computer in regular day-to-day use. Heck, I even started the browser archive back in 1999 with 80 unique browsers at the time (which I am pimping to the…


Tags: browser, Chrome, Firefox, internet, Internet Explorer, Safari

Failure of Responsive Design is Why Facebook’s IPO Tanked

Stuck for ideas for an article? Did you hear that Facebook’s IPO isn’t netting them enough billions of dollars and so is referred to as a failure? Have you heard about the hot new technique for making generic sites mobile-friendly? Need to get people to click through to your article…


Tags: Facebook, mobile, rant, usability

Responsive Image Chaos

TL;DR: This is just a recap of what’s happening now. If you are up to speed as of today, you can just skip to my brief opinion. Background As I mentioned in my post iPad Retina Display Concerns and Tips, even Apple, with over a year of the Retina Display…


Tags: browser, html, mobile, standards, W3C, whatwg

Exclusion Is a Feature Now

Every day I see examples of web developers allowing their ego to get in the way — trumpeting one browser over another, one technology over another, one methodology over another, and so on. These are typically not based on solid business or technical arguments. This week one stood out to…


Tags: browser, internet, Internet Explorer, rant, standards

Now the Mobile Web Is Dead?

It was barely two years ago that I scoffed when Wired declared the web dead (Enough about the Death of the Web). Fast forward to today and BetaNews refines the claim to just the mobile part of the web: The mobile web is dead. I am immediately suspect of an…


Tags: internet, mobile, rant

New Crowdsourced Translation Option

Many organizations don’t have the budget to guide them through a full translation / localization project, and some don’t even know where to start. In late 2009 I wrote about low/no-cost options from Google (machine translation) and Facebook (human-powered): Facebook and Google Want to Translate Your Site A new option…


Tags: clients, globalization, i18n, internationalization, L10n, localization, translation, usability